Denali, for all your sports, camping and outdoor activities. Here at Anaconda, choose from a wide range of Denali products that are specially designed and manufactured with the outdoor lifestyle in mind. Robust and well-thought out tents, backpacks and hiking gear, and practical, stylish clothing and footwear for men, women and kids. Lightweight tents for one, two or three people, compact camping stoves and roomy travel packs are firm favourites with many hikers and trekkers, while everyday Denali clothing and footwear essentials include colourful gumboots and sandals as well as a range of stylish active-wear for all the family.

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Can I purchase Denali products from Anaconda?

For all your sports, camping and outdoor needs, Denali products are robust and made with the great outdoors in mind. Denali has been providing high quality and innovative products since 1993, and at Anaconda, we have a selection of Denali outdoor gear and accessories available. They are a responsible, sustainable brand, and work tirelessly to improve environmental citizenship and social responsibility around the world. Whether you are new to the joys of camping or a die-hard survivalist, then Denali have got you covered. We have a wide selection of Denali products available at Anaconda, so shop online or at your local Anaconda store today for all your camping and outdoor needs.

What is included in this range?

This range includes a variety of Denali sports, camping and outdoor gear, essentials and accessories. This consists of a selection of all-weather tents, with a range of berths available. As well as Sleeping Bags, with a variety of colours, designs, and thicknesses available, and camping Mats to ensure that you get that all important good night's sleep. Stay hydrated with Denali Water bottles and hydration packs, and make sure that the whole family gets fed with one of their durable cook Sets. This range also includes a selection of Denali clothing and footwear, each of which has designed to meet your needs. Whether you are looking for outdoor wear, everyday sports gear, or stylish activewear for the whole family, then Denali have you covered.

You can also pack it all away in one of their Backpacks, day packs and pack away pods. You are sure to find just what you need for your next big outdoor adventure amongst the Denali range at Anaconda. Choose Denali and do not let anything hold you back!

How do I choose the right sleeping bag for me?

The sleeping bag that you pick will depend mainly on the climate that you intend to be sleeping in. Each of our Denali sleeping bags features a temperature, or comfort rating, to let you know the temperatures that it is suitable for. Choose one that has a score that is slightly lower than the lowest temperature that you can expect to encounter. It is important to remember, however, that these temperature rates are based on a guide only, and will depend on what you are sleeping on, your shelter itself, and the clothes that you are wearing. Also, consider the size of the sleeping bag that you will need. Size dimensions are available on each page next to the item, with a range of widths available. It is also important to consider the pack size and weight, particularly if you are carrying your camping gear and are limited on space.

Which backpack should I choose for my trip?

Well, that depends on two things really, what you intend to be carrying and how long you expect to be carrying it for. If you have a long journey ahead, choose a backpacking bag that has a focus on minimising weight. While, of course, it needs to be big enough to carry everything that you require. Daypacks are a lightweight rucksack, and they are perfect for walking and travelling a long journey. Think about the features of a bag that you are most likely to need on your trip. Pack away pods are a great way to keep everything in your bag tidy and organised, and their built-in mesh panels mean that it is easy to view what is inside without having to empty it. It is essential to ensure that the weight in your pack is carefully distributed and that it is comfortable for you to carry.



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