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Alvey Reels is an iconic Australian fishing reel manufacturer, renowned for its durable and innovative products. Established in 1920 by Charles Alvey in Brisbane, it became famous for its side-cast reels, which are still popular among anglers worldwide. Alvey reels are recognised for their simplicity, reliability and suitability for beach and surf fishing. The company's commitment to quality and craftsmanship has earned it a loyal following among fishing enthusiasts. Despite competition from modern reel designs, Alvey maintains a strong presence, cherished for its heritage and effectiveness. Alvey reels, designed for saltwater fishing, continue to be sought after for their robustness and ease of use.

Explore our range of precision-crafted Alvey eels and Alvey rods, meticulously designed for the avid angler. Dive into the waters with confidence, equipped with Alvey's legacy of durability and performance. Our range of Alvey surf reels and combos embody decades of Australian expertise, engineered for the toughest saltwater challenges. Pair them seamlessly with Alvey rods, crafted with the same dedication to excellence. Whether you're casting from the shore or battling the surf, Alvey ensures a fishing experience like no other. Discover the allure of timeless design and unmatched reliability with Alvey, your partner for every fishing adventure. Shop our entire range of Alvey reels, Alvey rods, Alvey combos and more at Anaconda online or in-store today!

Alvey Fishing FAQs

How to cast an Alvey?

To cast an Alvey reel, hold the rod horizontally with your dominant hand on the handle. With the other hand, grip the line firmly between your fingers. Swing the rod back, then swiftly forward, releasing the line at the peak of the forward motion. Allow the weight or bait to carry the line out, then engage the reel to secure your cast.

How to use Alvey reels?

Using an Alvey reel is simple yet effective. After casting, engage the reel by turning the handle. To retrieve, turn the handle in the opposite direction. Adjust the drag knob to control tension on the line during retrieval or when a fish bites. When not in use, engage the reel to prevent the line from unravelling. Alvey's smooth operation makes fishing a joy.

Why are Alvey reels so good?

Alvey reels are renowned for their durability and simplicity. Made with high-quality materials, they withstand the rigours of saltwater fishing. Their side-cast design allows for easy handling and fewer tangles. Alvey reels are efficient and reliable, favoured by anglers for their smooth operation and longevity. They embody a legacy of Australian craftsmanship, making them a trusted choice for any fishing adventure.

Can you use braid on an Alvey rod?

Yes, you can use a braided fishing line on an Alvey rod. Alvey rods are versatile and can accommodate different types of fishing lines, including braided lines. When using a braided line, ensure the rod's guides are suitable for braided line use to prevent damage. Braided line offers strength and sensitivity, enhancing your fishing experience with an Alvey rod.

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