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The humble duffle bag is making a stylish comeback at Anaconda. Options abound for all types of travellers who require a spacious compartment for carrying almost anything. Progressive duffle bags are reinforced with superior materials, can be packed in only a minute or two, and are easily stowed in your vehicle, on a plane or anywhere else.

Modern duffle bags bear little resemblance to weighty leather duffle bags, canvas duffle bags and military style bags of yesteryear, although durable and rugged materials are still prioritised. Superior duffle bags can include wheels, trendy colours plus additional pockets and pouches for storing all your travelling essentials. There are a lot of smart reasons why you should consider a duffle bag as your next travel luggage purchase.

What is a duffle bag?

Duffle bags are named after Duffel, a Belgium town where coarse, hard-wearing cloth was manufactured in the 17th century. The original duffel bags were large and cylindrical with a drawstring or zipper. Duffle bags were popularised during WWI and continued to improve in sturdiness and function over time, and today’s duffel bags include a wide range of ‘holdall’ bags made from tough materials.

Duffle bags available at Anaconda are stylish, functional and ruggedly versatile. Our selection includes men’s duffle bags, women’s duffle bags and kid’s duffle bags in a range of sizes and configurations to suit multiple purposes. Sports duffle bags are ideal for keeping all gear together, while travel bag options include a duffle bag with wheels for convenient manoeuvrability. Here are a few reasons why people choose duffle bags.

  1. Organisational options: You will be surprised at how convenient a duffle bag is to pack. The large cavity provides more space to manoeuvre and shape belongings to fit. Unlike hard luggage, a duffle bag is made from flexible yet durable material that can adapt to your style. However, you should always wrap and pack sharp objects securely so they don’t pierce the bag.
  2. The lightweight solution: Duffle bags are available in a range of styles and sizes to suit men, women and children. Hard luggage is heavy and the weight is increased by the addition of compartments, pouches, zippers and integrated materials. Compare this to a large Denali Expedition II Duffle Bag available at Anaconda with 120 L capacity yet weighing only 2.3 kg.
  3. Casual style travelling: Most people perform a meticulous suitcase packing exercise prior to travel. From then on, during the duration of the vacation, the suitcase will be in an almost constant state of disarray. Unless you have meticulous needs for a jet set lifestyle, a duffle bag is the ideal ‘get up and go’ option for the casual traveller.
  4. Moveable and stowable: Duffle bags are the lightweight travel solution, and wheeled duffle bags are very popular. They are easy to lift and convenient to stow compared to cumbersome suitcases. Smaller duffel bags can be stowed in an airplane overhead compartment, increasing their versatility for overseas trips, weekend getaways or a picnic by the water.
  5. Duffle bag innovations: Anaconda responds to modern traveller needs with impressive duffle bag innovations. Special materials have been developed for enduring extreme environments, while compression straps, padded shoulder straps and other built in features improve comfort all-round.

How big is a duffle bag?

Duffle bags at Anaconda are available in a range of sizes. The duffle bag you choose should be large enough to carry everything you need without forceful packing. Duffle bag flexibility means you can carry large and awkward shaped objects without compromising luggage space. Here are a few options for inspiration.

Denali Expedition II Duffle Bag: These attractive bags, available in blue or black, include heavy duty features. Size options include 45 L, 65 L, 90 L and 120 L, allowing you to choose the ideal duffle bag size for your requirements.

Helly Hansen Duffle Bag: This sporty duffle bag is popular with travellers and gym junkies alike. Waterproof, hard wearing and containing both an internal and external pocket, this bag is available in 50 L, 70 L and 90 L models.

Marmot Long Hauler Small Duffle: Available in black, blue or red, this amazing duffle includes a large D-shaped main zipper with rain flaps, removable shoulder strap harness and lots of pockets for odds and ends. With a capacity of 35 L, and weighing only 810 g, the Marmot Long Hauler makes long distance travel easy.

Mountain Designs Expedition 120 L Duffle: Mountain Designs products are inspiring for adventurers who require tough, hard-wearing equipment. Large enough to house all your essential camping gear and complete with a double water repellent (DWR) finish, the Expedition 120 L Duffle is worth inspecting online or instore at Anaconda.

Is a duffle bag considered a carry on?

It can be disheartening to arrive at an airport only to find your carry-on luggage is oversize. The most commonly allowed luggage size for overhead storage is 56 x 36 x 23 cm, and there are plenty of Anaconda duffle bag options that fit the bill. We personally select all products from highly regarded brands to ensure many years of reliable and safe travel with a duffle bag constructed to last. A small duffle bag is far more convenient than a hard-shell case for carry on plane storage.

What are duffle bags used for?

The sky is the limit with today’s duffle bags. For some people, they are the luggage style of choice, while campers, hikers and off-road adventurers always carry a duffle bag for convenient storage of essential equipment and devices. Duffle bags are perfect for the gym also, facilitating easy storage of gym gear or work clothes for a quick change and healthy workout. Whether you are heading overseas, hitting the highway, or simply packing a delicious picnic lunch, a spacious duffle bag will accommodate all your needs.

Where to buy duffle bags?

This is the easy part. Anaconda is the one-stop-shop for all camping and outdoor equipment and accessories. We provide convenient purchasing options so you can shop online, and you can also drop in to your nearest Anaconda store to test and experience everything first-hand. Anaconda offers a returns and exchanges policy in accord with Australian Consumer Law to ensure you are 100% satisfied with your purchase.

Anaconda is Australia’s favourite outdoor and adventure specialist with an unbeatable range of products and a lowest price guarantee. Check out our full range of exceptional duffle bags for more inspiration, and get your next adventure started.



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