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Duffle bags are perfect for the outdoors, travel, gym & on the go! Explore Anaconda's range of gym bags & camping duffle bags in different colours & styles.

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Shop the Huge Range of Duffle Bags at Anaconda

The humble duffle bag is making a stylish travel bag comeback at Anaconda. New arrivals are ongoing, and options abound for all types of travellers who require a spacious holdall compartment for carrying almost anything. Progressive travel accessories and duffle bags are reinforced with superior materials, can be packed in only a minute or two, and are easily stowed in your vehicle, on a plane or anywhere else. There are a lot of smart reasons why you should consider a duffle bag as your next travel bag purchase.

Discover the Different Types of Travel, Gym and Sport Duffle Bags Available

A duffle bag can double as a gym bag, sports bag, or storage bag for travel accessories, and is easily adjusted using a simple shoulder strap. Duffle bags available at Anaconda are functional and ruggedly versatile, from premium manufacturers such as The North Face, Denali, Mountain Designs and Caribee. Our selection includes men's duffle bags, women 's duffle bags and kids' duffle bags in a range of sizes and configurations to suit multiple purposes. Discover the different types below:

  • Travel duffle bag: Travel duffle bags are ideal for weekends away, sleepovers and to be used as carry on luggage for trips.
  • Sports duffle bags: Sports duffle bags are ideal for keeping all gear together whether you are going to the swimming pool for a session or football training.
  • Gym duffle bags: A duffle bag can double as a gym bag, spacious enough for your gym essentials such as a towel, water bottle and change of clothes.
  • Large duffle bags: These large duffle bags are ideal for extended camping trips and extreme adventures.
  • Small duffle bags: Perfect as a carry on bag and for short getaways. Also great for kids' sleepovers and to use for kids sports.

Duffle Bags FAQs

How big is a duffle bag?

Duffle bags at Anaconda are available in a range of sizes. The duffle bag you choose should be large enough to carry everything you need without forceful packing. Duffle bag flexibility means you can carry large and awkward-shaped objects without compromising luggage space.

Is a duffle bag considered a carry on?

It can be disheartening to arrive at an airport only to find your carry-on luggage is oversized. The most commonly allowed luggage size for overhead storage is 56 x 36 x 23 cm, and there are plenty of Anaconda duffle bag options that fit the bill. A small duffle bag is far more convenient than a hard-shell case for carry on plane storage.

Why choose duffle bags from Anaconda?

Here are a few reasons why people choose duffle bags from Anaconda:

  • Organisational options: You will be surprised at how convenient a duffle bag is to pack. The large cavity provides more space to manoeuvre and shape sleeping bags, clothing and other camping or travelling gear. Unlike hard luggage, a duffle bag is made from flexible yet durable material that can adapt to your style and needs. However, you should always wrap and pack sharp objects securely so they don't pierce the bag.
  • The lightweight solution: Duffle bags are available in a range of styles and sizes to suit men, women and children. Hard luggage is heavy and the weight is increased by the addition of compartments.
  • Casual style travelling: With a duffle bag holdall, belongings can be stuffed into all corners to maximise load capacity, while small duffle bags are ideal as gym bags, work bags and sports bags where hard-wearing regular use is expected.
  • Moveable and stowable: Duffle bags are the lightweight travel solution, and wheeled duffle bags are very popular. They are easy to lift and convenient to stow compared to cumbersome suitcases. They also make an excellent shopping bag alternative, and are perfect for 4WD adventures.
  • Duffle bag innovations: Anaconda responds to modern traveller needs with impressive duffle bag innovations. Special materials have been developed for enduring extreme environments, while compression straps, padded shoulder straps and other built-in features improve comfort all-round.

Shop Multi-Purpose & Durable Duffle Bags at Anaconda

Anaconda is the one-stop shop for all camping and outdoor equipment and accessories. We provide convenient purchasing options so you can shop online, and you can also drop into your nearest Anaconda store to test and experience everything first-hand. Anaconda is Australia's favourite outdoor and adventure specialist with an unbeatable range of products at low prices. Explore options online or in-store, and purchase the best duffel bags and travel accessories for your needs. Check out our full range of backpacks, hiking packs, rolling duffle bags and luggage and much more. View the in-depth Packs and Bags Buying Guide for more information on choosing the perfect bags for you.



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