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Can I purchase duffle bags at Anaconda?

Yes, you can. A duffle bag, duffel bag, kit bag or gym bag is usually a large cylindrical bag made of cloth, most often with a top closure. The name is derived from a town in Belgium, Duffel, where the thick cloth originally used to make the bag originated. These days, many duffle bags are made from nylon, too. It is often used as luggage or to carry sports equipment by people who travel in the outdoors. Duffle bags are also often used by military personnel - when used by sailors or marines they are sometimes called sea bags.

What should I look for when choosing a duffle bag?

As with all types of luggage, there are some features that you should carefully consider before choosing your bag, such as:

Volume: this is easily the most subjective need among travellers. Climbers, skiers, divers or other people travelling with an abundance of equipment will usually need more space than those going to visit family for a holiday weekend. Duffel bags can vary in size from around 50 Litres to over 120 Litres.

Ease of Packing/Unpacking: when considering this, look at the main compartment zipper shape and direction, as both of these will have a significant impact on getting items in and out of the bag. It's also a good indicator of how easy you'll be able to close it. In general, D-shaped zippered openings are better than vertical zippers because they allow you to see and access more space.

Additional Pockets: the number and design of pockets will help you with organisation and can save frustration by allowing you to easily find small or essential items. Having more pockets does not always equal a better bag - some pockets are particularly difficult to get to, especially when a bag is full.

Ability to Carry and Transport: this category breaks down into two major categories: wheeled models and traditional duffle bags. Wheeled models are often easier to move and are better for excursions where the ability to roll luggage is easier than carrying it. However, if you are crossing uneven terrain you will need to have a bag with comfortable carry handles.

Weather resistance: depending on your destination and mode of travel, this can be a factor. Will your duffel bag be inside your transport with you, or will it be lashed to a donkey, slung on top of a bus or de exposed to the elements on a boat? In those cases, making sure your duffle bag is waterproof will be essential.

Does Anaconda sell other types of luggage too?

Yes, as well as duffle bags, you will also find a huge range of backpacks, day bags, dry bags, wash bags and even rolling luggage on our pages, so check the range to find the ideal luggage for your next adventure trip.



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