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When you're out fishing you're usually left to fend for yourself, so you'll need a decent collection of fishing tools, fishing tool sets and fishing tool kits so you can easily solve any problems that may arise. Multi-tools pack a lot of basic tools such as pliers, knives and screwdrivers into a very compact package. It has all the essentials one may need for fishing and is great to bring along if you're travelling really light or going on an unplanned fishing trip. Fish landing tools allow you to properly handle a fish after you finish reeling her in. Anaconda sells wire fishing tools and landing nets so you can easily contain your fish in the water or scoop it up quickly. To remove your hook from the fish, you'll need a pair of needle nose pliers or a dehooker. Pliers are the traditional tools for removing hooks and can also be used for other intricate work. Dehookers are more specialised and allow you to more quickly and smoothly remove the hook even while the fish is still in the water. Anaconda also sells lip grips so you can hold on to a fish securely without risking getting cut by its teeth or your own hook.

For catch and release fishing, we offer landing mats that help protect the fish's protective slime, as well as measuring rulers and scales to record the size of your catch. Here at Anaconda, we have a large assortment of essential fishing tools like pliers, dehookers, braid scissors, knives, multi-tools, machetes, axes, landing nets, lip grips and measuring devices. We sell fishing and camping products from brands like Berkley, Black Magic and Rapala, among many others. Shop our entire range of fishing tools at Anaconda online or in-store today!

Fishing Tools FAQs

How to use a fishing knot-tying tool?

To use a fishing knot-tying tool, insert the fishing line through the hole in the tool. Hold the tool firmly and wrap the line around it as directed. Pass the end of the line through the loop or notch indicated. Pull the line tight to form the knot. Slide the knot off the tool and trim any excess line. Practice with different knots for various fishing needs.

What are the tools used in fishing?

Tools used in fishing include fishing rods and reels for casting and reeling, tackle boxes for organising hooks, sinkers, and lures, pliers for hook removal, line cutters for clean cuts, fishing nets for landing fish, bait knives for bait preparation, fish grippers for holding and releasing fish, and tackle trays for organising smaller tackle items.

What is the most important tool for fishing?

The most important tool for fishing is the fishing rod and reel. It's the primary instrument for casting bait or lures and reeling in fish. The rod's sensitivity and action, paired with the reel's gear ratio and drag system, are crucial for hooking and landing fish. The right rod and reel setup can make all the difference in a successful fishing trip.

Why do I need a fishing tool kit?

A fishing tool kit is essential for convenience, efficiency, and preparedness. It ensures you have the necessary tools for various tasks while fishing, such as hook removal, line cutting, and bait preparation. Having a kit on hand saves time and effort, allowing you to focus on fishing. It also helps in handling unexpected situations like equipment malfunctions or retying rigs quickly.

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