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Why do I need special fishing tools?

To get any job done quickly and correctly, it's better to have the right tools. Whether you're a beginner or an experienced angler, Anaconda's huge selection of fishing tools will make your fishing trips more enjoyable and problem-free.

What fishing tools does Anaconda carry?

Here at Anaconda, we have a large assortment of essential fishing tools like pliers, dehookers, braid scissors, knives, multi tools, machetes, axes, landing nets, lip grips and measuring devices.

We sell fishing and camping products from brands like Berkley, Jarvis Walker, Shimano, Gerber, Tactical and Surecatch, among many others.

What knives should I get for fishing?

One of the most essential tools to have for fishing aside from your fishing rod and lures is a good knife. When you're fishing outdoors you'll never know what you'll run in to and a knife is one of the most basic tools to have for camping, basic survival, protection and meal preparation.

A reliable knife lets you easily cut fishing lines and trim off knots. For quick cuts like these, a short blade is much easier to use and allows you to apply quick and precise cuts. Depending on your preferences, you can pick up a sheathed camping knife or a folding knife for this type of use.

If you intend to feast on your catch, you'll also need a good knife to scale and clean it up first. When it comes time to fillet the fish, a thin and long flexible fillet knife is a must have. With a fillet knife you can cut through the fish and debone it lengthwise with minimal effort.

What fishing tools do I need for landing a fish?

Fish landing tools allow you to properly handle a fish after you finish reeling her in. Anaconda sells landing nets so you can easily contain your fish in the water or scoop it up quickly.

To remove your hook from the fish, you'll need a pair of needle nose pliers or a dehooker. Pliers are the traditional tools for removing hooks and can also be used for other intricate work. Dehookers are more specialised and allow you to more quickly and smoothly remove the hook even while the fish is still in the water.

Anaconda also sells lip grips so you can hold on to a fish securely without risking getting cut by its teeth or your own hook. For catch and release fishing, we offer landing mats that help protect the fish's protective slime, as well as measuring rulers and scales to record the size of your catch.

What other camping and fishing tools does Anaconda offer?

When you're out fishing you're usually left to fend for yourself, so you'll need a decent collection of basic camping tools so you can easily solve any problems that may arise. Multi tools pack a lot of basic tools such as pliers, knives and screwdrivers into a very compact package. It has all the essentials one may need for fishing and is great to bring along if you're travelling really light or going on an unplanned fishing trip.



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