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Shop warm and insulating outdoor socks for kids at Anaconda. Find kids' ski socks, kids' snow socks, kids' wool socks & kids' hiking socks from leading brands!

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Shop Kids Ski Socks & Kids Outdoor Socks For Every Adventure

Kids' feet require protection while outdoors or around the home, and Anaconda has the solutions. If your kids are not excited by sock shopping, their conception will quickly change when exploring Anaconda options. Whether your kids enjoy camping, hiking, water sports or other outdoor activities, there are socks to suit every activity, with special built-in features designed to protect little feet. Stylish ski socks, trooper socks, heater socks, all-terrain socks and fireside socks are manufactured with special materials and attributes that improve comfort and performance in a wide range of conditions, and here are just a few examples available at Anaconda.

Discover The Range Of Kids Snow Socks And Outdoor Socks Available At Anaconda

  • Kids ski socks: Your kids will be raring to get amongst the action when decked out in appropriate sporting and outdoor apparel such as 37 Degrees South Kid's Ski Socks. These stylish socks, available in a range of colours, incorporate extra padding to protect the shins, multi-thick snugness for warmth, and the form-fitting flexibility of polyester and acrylic materials.
  • Kids trooper socks: Another great option for cool weather comfort, XTM Kid's Trooper Socks available at Anaconda provide plenty of advantages. These socks are lightweight, made with 60% Merino, and provide the perfect ergonomic fit. The seamless toe area allows feet to flex and move without sock bunching, while the stylish pattern and form-fitting design is sure to appeal.
  • Kids heater socks: If all-day warmth is the main priority, look no further than XTM Kid's Heater Socks. These socks are perfect for cold days, incorporating a plush and warming inner that provides both comfort and warmth. They are ideal for wearing while skiing and snowboarding, or simply wearing around town. Your kids will appreciate special heater socks during exciting outdoor times.
  • Kids all terrain socks: These socks are ideal for camping, hiking and everyday use. Cape Kid's All Terrain Socks provide excellent insulation and will absorb a significant amount of moisture. Made with acrylic and nylon materials, these socks dry faster than cotton, while also providing natural anti-bacterial and odour-resistant qualities.

Kids Outdoor Socks FAQs

Ski socks vs regular socks, what is the difference?

Ski socks are much longer than regular socks to allow kids to wear ski boots comfortably. They are also thicker and warmer than regular socks. If your kids are hitting the slopes, ski socks are essential for protection and comfort.

What size do kids' socks come in?

Our range of kids' socks ranges from kids sizes starting at sizes 5-8 for younger kids and up to sizes 13 to 2 for older kids. Read the size guide for individual products.

Shop Kids Outdoor Socks and All Your Outdoor Adventure Needs at Anaconda

At Anaconda, we encourage the entire family to enjoy the outdoors by providing the highest quality products from name brand manufacturers. In addition, our partnerships with leading manufacturers enables us to deliver the best possible selection at unbeatable prices. We offer fast checkout, delivery tracking, a comprehensive returns and exchanges policy and our famous lowest-price guarantee that will stretch your money further. Explore the entire Anaconda kids outdoor apparel and camping equipment range online, or visit us in-store at your nearest Anaconda retail outlet, and prepare for great adventures that all the family will enjoy.



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