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Kayaking is a big deal in Australia, with endless pristine waterways and perfect weather for recreational kayaking. At Anaconda you can discover recreational kayaks perfect for experienced and beginner kayakers alike. Browse our range of recreational kayaks at Anaconda today! We have lightweight, stackable recreational kayak designs made from buoyant HDPE and LDPE, complete with comfortable moulded structures to fit your body. Complete with storage compartments and convenient carry handles, discover recreational kayaks on sale with Anaconda to complete your adventures on the water.

What Is A Recreational Kayak?

Designed for the casual paddler and a great option for beginners, recreational kayaks typically have larger cockpits than other kayak models and wider beams to offer more stability in the water. Recreational kayaks are lightweight in design which makes them easy to manoeuvre in and out of the water, but can have less in the way of cargo storage than other types of kayaks. Recreational kayaks are a popular choice for fishing on lakes and flatwater streams.

Recreational Kayaks FAQS

Where can I use my recreational kayak?

Recreational kayaks are best used in calm, still waters and in fair weather - lakes and gentle streams are ideal. Keep your eyes open for any whitecaps though! If you're looking to explore rivers or moving bodies of water, it is recommended that you have a recreational kayak that has a rudder or a skeg. There are no absolutes in kayaking, and some experts do recommend a sit on top kayak for fast-moving water due to better mobility.

What is a rudder or a skeg?

Both rudders and skegs work to keep your kayak straighter in the water. A skeg is a simple drop-down fin, whereas a rudder goes to the back of the boat. A rudder is also adjustable, which allows you to respond to the water conditions at the time.

Is the length of a recreational kayak important?

Your kayak choice regarding length may depend on where you want to paddle. Longer kayaks are thought to cruise better and they also have more storage space, whereas shorter boats turn quicker and are easier to manoeuvre. Keep in mind that your own height is a factor worth considering when purchasing a kayak - you'll want to ensure that your chosen model is comfortable and with adequate space for your legs. Anaconda's handy kayaks buying guide has some informative tips and considerations when it comes to finding the best kayak for your needs.


Recreational kayaks are the perfect addition to any summer holiday. If you're looking for different kayak styles you can also explore Anaconda's range of touring kayaks, fishing kayaks, sit on top kayaks and kids' kayaks. Our water sports equipment and accessories will set you up for your water exploration - discover essential life jackets & PFDs, swim & surfwear, paddles, and much more in the range! Find out everything you need to know about kayaking with our kayak accessories buying guide. Shop recreational kayaks online where you can click & collect from your nearest Anaconda store. Make sure you sign up to the Anaconda Adventure Club, where members can enjoy access to exclusive discounts and advance sales notifications!



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