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Protect your legs during off-road exploring and adventuring from dirt, damage, snake bites and insects. Browse the variety of gaiters from Anaconda.

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Can I purchase mens gaiters at Anaconda?

Yes, Anaconda stock gaiters for men as well as women. In this section, we show the mens gaiters available at Anaconda, which are available in a variety of styles, lengths, fabrics and with different applications. Gaiters are very popular with many serious walkers and hikers, are simple to use and small and lightweight enough to put in a backpack or pocket for when they are needed. Below, we explain a bit more about gaiters and their use:

What are gaiters?

Gaiters are a guard, usually made from strong fabric that covers the gap between your trousers and your boots. When hiking, you can kick up loose debris like stones and mud and there's a good chance these will get lodged in your footwear, causing discomfort. If it has been raining, you will also come across puddles, sticky mud etc., and if you are crossing diverse terrain, you may come across streams, soft patches and more. With a pair of gaiters, you'll have an extra layer of defence to stop anything getting into your boots or trouser legs.

How do gaiters work?

Gaiters look a little like a cut-off sleeve with attachments and are designed to easily wrap around the ankle and hook under the heel of your boot with a thin strap. They also fasten at the top for a snug fit and generally have pull cords for easy adjustment. While they are not essential, gaiters can make a real difference in wet climates as once moisture infiltrates your boots, it's a difficult and awkward process to dry them out on the move. Gaiters protect your legs even further by acting as a shield in that vulnerable area between the edges of your trousers and your walking boots or shoes and can prolong the life of your footwear and trousers.

What types of gaiters are there?

Gaiters are available in short (ankle gaiters) and long (knee length gaiters) versions depending on your preference and the terrain you are planning to tackle. Other differences can be in the type of fabric used, and as well as normal gaiters you can buy waterproof gaiters and even snow proof gaiters for use in skiing.

How should I care for gaiters?

Gaiters are not hard to look after. After your walk or expedition, make sure they are clean and free from dust, dirt or mud both on the surface and in any fastenings. If necessary, they can be brushed or cleaned with some detergent. Allow your gaiters to dry fully before storing them away, but do not be tempted to speed up the drying process by putting them on heaters as this may damage them. If your gaiters are waterproof, re-proofing them at regular intervals will prolong their lifespan.



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