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Metal lures are a traditional and simple, but very effective form of lure fishing. The lures are crafted to imitate bait fish and when used by a skilled angler, they can fool predators into striking. Metal lures are superb for casting and for working through the water column. Boat anglers can also make full use of metal lures both for casting and retrieving and working vertically below a drifting boat. Here at Anaconda, choose from metal lures by Halco and other brands available in a range of shapes and sizes, in silver or other colours, or with a laser finish that reflects the light to imitate live bait.

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The Ultimate Guide To Metal Lures!

Metal lures are some of the most commonly used lures among surfcasters, yet not every angler is familiar with them. Of course, this can make buying new metal lures incredibly confusing and often a lengthy process. If you are new to metal lures and their use, be sure to check some of our vital information below.

What Is The Sand Eel Imitator?

The sand eel imitator is one type of metal lure you should have as a surf caster. The lure is characterised by a very slim appearance, but they do not have any unusual features you should be aware of. In fact, the sand eel imitator is a lure that you will need to use your angler skill on.

As the name suggests, the purpose of the sand eel imitator is behaving like a genuine sand eel. Therefore, your fishing techniques should mimic the actions of a sand eel. If you are fishing for bass for example, leave the lure on the bottom of the sand for a little while and then drag it along the bottom for just a little while. That motion is likely to attract the fish you are after.

Since metal lures can come in a variety of weights, the same thing applies to a sand eel lure. There are various weights you can choose from. However, the weight of these lures will never be too dramatic, this since the lure is relatively small and sinks easily to the bottom.

What Is The Sea Herring Imitator?

Another popular metal lure is the sea herring imitator, which is characterised by its wide body and it remains relatively high in the water once they are cast. Since they are relatively close to the surface, they tend to create quite a splash on the water.

When you use a sea herring imitator, it is usually best to do it under relatively calm water conditions. You should also cast and reel in straight with this kind of lure, as the effect this lure has on the water will attract those sea herrings you are after.

Sea herring imitators can be good practice for beginners, as this kind of lure often requires a slow retrieve. As such, you should also incorporate the weight of your lure. Heavier lures will require a faster retrieve, so always choose metal lures that are a little lighter for that impeccable slow reel.

Can I Obtain Metal Lures For Different Fish Types?

Naturally, some metal lures can be used for more than one type of fish. Therefore, anglers should have some of these general metal lures in their collection, as it allows them to adjust the lure to their fishing spot.

General metal lures can also be used as a scout for fish. Switching out your lures on your fishing spot can provide you with a variety of different fish, this is another reason why you should always obtain a combination of different metal lures.

At Anaconda, customers can obtain a lure pack, this is a pack that includes many different types of metal lures. Since we have dedicated packs for saltwater as well as freshwater, it gives you instant access to the right selection of lures immediately.

Since metal lures are available for different fish types, you will also find metal lures in a variety of colours and designs. If you look at the differences between sea herring imitators and sand eel imitators, that should give you a good overview of how different metal lures can be and how you implement them at your fishing spots.

Choosing Metal Lures At Anaconda

Anaconda has a large and affordable collection of metal fishing lures. Since we have such a large and affordable collection, it can provide you with a big collection of lures for your next fishing trip. If you have never fished with metal lures before, it can help to have a variety at your disposal.

In addition to the metal lures we offer, you can also count on our catalogue for other types of lures and even bait. We also provide a delightful range of fishing rods, ensuring you have everything you need to catch the fish you are after.



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