Metal Lures

Metal lures are a traditional and simple, but very effective form of lure fishing. The lures are crafted to imitate bait fish and when used by a skilled angler, they can fool predators into striking. Metal lures are superb for casting and for working through the water column. Boat anglers can also make full use of metal lures both for casting and retrieving and working vertically below a drifting boat. Here at Anaconda, choose from metal lures by Halco and other brands available in a range of shapes and sizes, in silver or other colours, or with a laser finish that reflects the light to imitate live bait.

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Metal Lures

Metal lures are very affordable and extremely durable, yet still manage to be quite effective and versatile for many types of fishing.

This type of lure is an excellent choice for either saltwater or freshwater fishing because its compact size and relatively heavy weight give it excellent handling characteristics, which allow you to cast your line for longer distances that would normally be far out of reach for hard plastic lures. You can also easily cast metal lures even if the wind is blowing really hard against your favour.

Most metal lure designs are simple, and combined with its all-metal construction, are also very difficult to destroy even for the toughest biters and fighters.

Chrome and Coloured Metal Lures

Most metal lures have a basic silver or chrome finish, along with additional shiny coloured or even holographic options. It naturally reflects light and shimmers in the water and does a great job of mimicking baitfish making it irresistible to different types of fish.

Metal Lure Weight Options

Metal lures are typically offered in different weights to suit different fishing environments and quarry. Depending on the model, the available lure weight options can range from 5 to 85 grams. Medium sized lures usually range from 20 to 40 grams, while anything above 40 grams is already in the large and heavyweight category.

It's always a good idea to store a couple of different weights in your tackle box or lure wallet so you can quickly switch up your lures to suit different conditions and more effectively target specific types of fish.

Slender and light metal lures are best used to bait fish swimming near the surface of the water. You can retrieve these lightweight lures much quicker and splash them across the water like a surface popper.

Heavier metal lures can sink deeper in the water and are better suited for fast swimming pelagic fish like bonito, tuna, mackerel, tailor and Australian salmon. If you're shooting for demersal fish that are lurking near the sea floor, you should pick a heavier metal lure

If you're trying to cast your line for longer distances, you should choose a heavier metal lure. But before you actually start using a heavyweight metal lure or jig, you should check your fishing rod's lure weight capacity or casting weight. Otherwise, you might end up ruining the structural integrity of the rod if you attach a metal lure that's too heavy to your line.

Whatever type of fish you're trying to catch, you should study how its typical prey moves in the water so you can adapt your retrieval techniques accordingly and improve your chances of catching a big one.

If you're new to metal lures, you should definitely check out the Halco Twisty which is a proven metal lure that is very versatile and has earned a solid reputation among experienced anglers from all over the world. Another classic favourite is the Gillies Baitfish. For a spoon shaped lure, check out the Halco Wobbler or the Halco Streaker. And if you're looking for an extremely affordable metal lure, the Neptune Tackle Pilchard Lure from Anaconda is definitely worth a try.



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