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At Anaconda we have all the spearfishing gear and equipment you need for a successful fishing trip. From spearguns to diving knives and barb clusters, our range of spearfishing equipment includes products from leading fishing & watersports brand Mirage. Spearfishing is an exciting adventure sport but if you're unprepared it can get very dangerous, very quickly. Choose the right spearfishing equipment from Anaconda to ensure a safe experience while maximising your chances of landing your chosen catch. Anaconda's fishing range is second to none - complete your spearfishing equipment with handy gear and accessories like fishing storage or explore the selection of snorkelling and wetsuits from our water sports range. Shop spearfishing equipment and accessories online and in-store at Anaconda today.

Find Everything You Need To Start Spearfishing At Anaconda

When you're spearfishing, it's important to have the right equipment. After all, it can be the difference between a successful trip and coming home empty-handed. For a start, you'll need a snorkel and mask, and a wetsuit - then of course, you'll need a speargun or fishing spear. Here's a breakdown of what you'll need and why.

  • Spearguns & Hand Spears: Pole spears are a fundamental part of any spearfishing set-up. There are two main types of spearguns (band and pneumatic) and the best one for you depends on what kind of fishing you're planning on doing. Alternatively, hand spears are a great first step if you're just thinking about getting into spearfishing and want to give it a go.
  • Spearfishing Snorkels & Masks: These should fit comfortably and securely. Visibility is also key, so ensure you have good peripheral vision so you can fully enjoy all the wonderful underwater landscapes you'll be swimming through.
  • Spearfishing Wetsuits: Wetsuits are an important part of your spearfishing setup for several reasons. They keep you warm, protect your skin against minor cuts and scrapes that can be caused by rocks and the like and they'll also protect you from sunburn.
  • Spearfishing Accessories: Choose dive gloves to protect your hands from rocks etc. as well as when handling fish. Dive knives are an essential piece of spearfishing equipment. Not only can they be used for killing fish as quickly and humanely as possible but can be used to cut yourself free should you become tangled in your line. Float lines and stringers are used to hold your catch as you continue to hunt for more fish. Finally, weight belts enable spearfishers to dive faster and deeper.

Spear Fishing FAQs

What is spearfishing?

Spearfishing is one of the earliest fishing techniques used by mankind. It involves the use of handheld pointed tools to impale your catch. Modern spearfishing techniques involve the use of underwater swimming gear and hand spears or spearguns to capture prey.

What are the different types of spearfishing?

Spearfishing techniques vary depending on where you are relative to the water. These are shallow-water spearfishing, free-dive spearfishing, and scuba dive spearfishing.

What are the spearfishing laws in Australia?

As with any fishing laws in Australia, the particular rules around spearfishing vary from state to state. Check your local state and territory recreational fishing laws to find out about the requirements for a fishing licence, possession of spear guns, use of scuba diving equipment, prohibited fish species and permitted marine areas for fishing and spearfishing.

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Discover the thrill of spearfishing with the best spearfishing equipment at Anaconda. Whether you're looking for a speargun or the right underwater gear, we have you covered. Dedicated fishos will love our extensive fishing range, and keen underwater divers will enjoy everything our snorkelling selection has to offer. Shop it all online with Anaconda, where you can enjoy the convenience of home delivery and click & collect for your orders. Alternatively, head into your nearest Anaconda store to explore and shop the range in person. Anaconda Adventure Club members benefit from Club discounts, advance sales notifications and more, so sign up for free today to shop the best spearfishing gear on sale at Anaconda.



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