Anaconda has the aqua apparel and equipment for snorkelling, free diving, spearfishing, boating, surfing and more. We stock snorkelling gear for both adults and children, such as snorkelling sets with full face snorkel mask, snorkel fins and other dive gear for viewing marine life in its natural habitat. Our snorkelling gear, sets & equipment range has all your snorkelling needs covered!

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What do I need to go snorkelling?

Beginners and kids need very little to get started snorkelling, although it is important to use reliable Buoyancy Compensation Device (BCD) equipment. Your face mask or goggles need to fit snugly without gaps that will let water in. Your snorkel should have a well-fitted bite valve and connect comfortably with your face mask. Swimfins should be snug enough to avoid slipping off but not so tight they restrict circulation.

The Anaconda range of snorkelling kits, fins, full face snorkel masks and other snorkelling equipment features brands such as Cressi, Mares and Aqualung, using advanced manufacturing and materials like comfortable neoprene swim fin socks. Our snorkelling gear range also includes men's, women's and kid's clothing designed to offer maximum sun protection, wearability and performance. Our price on snorkelling gear, swimming goggles, snorkelling sets, travel bags and other watersports equipment won't be beaten, so get ready to enjoy watersports the Anaconda way!

It is important to buy snorkelling gear that is the right size to avoid water coming in along the sides of the mask and to make sure the fins do not come loose during swimming. At Anaconda, we stock different sizes for various age groups. In colder climates, or when the temperature of the water is low, some people prefer to wear a wetsuit while snorkelling. You can find wetsuits in our Swim and Surfwear range of clothing here at Anaconda.

Important snorkelling safety tips

Although snorkelling is relatively easy to learn, there are a few things that you should keep in mind: The greatest danger to snorkelers are inshore and leisure craft such as jet skis, speed boats and even surfboards. A snorkeler is often submerged in the water with only the tube visible above the surface and is hard to spot.

When snorkelling, your back, ankles, back legs can be exposed to the sun for extended periods and can burn badly (even if slightly submerged) without being noticed in time. Wearing rash vests and shorts, a T-shirt or a high factor waterproof sun cream van be advisable. Snorkelling can lead to dehydration or even hyperventilating, especially when practised for several hours.

Snorkelling with another person who can keep an eye on you is recommended. When snorkelling on or near coral reefs, take care to avoid contact with the delicate (and sometimes sharp or stinging) coral and any possible poisonous inhabitants. Coral scrapes and cuts often require first aid treatment and potentially emergency medical treatment to avoid infection.

What other types of watersports equipment can I find at Anaconda?

  • Water skiing life jackets: whether water skiing or out on the jet ski, safety is the number one priority. Make sure you and your loved ones stay safe with our great range of water skiing life jackets.
  • Beach sunshades: the Australian can be devastating, especially when spending all day down at the beach. Ensure you're protected from the harmful UV rays in comfort with our range of beach sunshades.
  • Water ski tubes: with a huge range of water ski tubes, kneeboards, towing rope and more, Anaconda has all your water skiing needs covered!
  • Life jackets and PFDs: our massive range of adult and kid's life jackets, vests and PFDs are essential when heading out onto the water in the boat, kayak or canoe.

Find the Right Snorkelling Gear, Sets and Kits at Anaconda

At Anaconda, you will find many different types of water sports equipment, essentials, accessories, clothing, footwear and more. For everything from a fun afternoon on the beach, to gear for people who are dedicated to their water sports. Check out our guide to enjoying water sports for lots of helpful information and tips. If you're planning a day out at the beach instead, then our five summer essentials for hitting the beach will cover everything you'll need to bring.

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