In 1953, Plano reinvented fishing tackle boxes, and the brand went on to become pioneering world leaders in the manufacture of fishing storage and organisation solutions. Store and transport your fishing gear easily with this trusted fishing equipment brand that is sure to meet all of your fishing storage needs.

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In 1952, Warren 'Pete' Henning returned from a fishing trip with a mission to improve the tackle box. Metal boxes were weighty and rusted quickly by the water, so Pete set out to create a light, rust-proof product with the ability to withstand all weather conditions. The simple yet revolutionary idea to replace metal with durable plastic has transformed the industry, with Plano leading the way.

Today, Plano develops storage solutions for anglers or all description, whether you enjoy surfcasting, freshwater fishing, deep water fishing or any other angling experience. Products include tackle boxes and carry bags of all shapes and sizes. The dream that started with one tackle box has become a worldwide phenomenon, with Plano products prized by their owners the world over.

Plano understands that fishing tackle boxes aren't a one-size-fits-all accessory. Every angler has their own style that includes favourite lures, lines, cutting tools, hooks, sinkers and more. Plano is up to the task, providing a huge range of tackle boxes with innovative features and storage solutions. Here is a small sample of Plano quality products available at Anaconda.

767 Angled System Tackle Box: With spacious storage compartments, top access Dura-View lids and multiple utility boxes, the 767 Angled System has been engineered with serious anglers in mind. Easy to organise and fast to access, you will have your fishing rig set up and ready to cast in no time. This product is so tough it comes with a lifetime guarantee.

757 4 Drawer Tackle Box: If spacious fishing tackle storage is your aim, look no further. This unit is a secure system, including a fold-down front cover and impact-resistant construction. Dura-View lids allow you to quickly locate the tackle you require before the fish move on, ultimately resulting in more fish landed.

2100 Kids 100 Piece Kit: Plano manufactures equipment for professionals, but everyone has to start somewhere. The 2100 Kids 100 Piece Kit is the ideal introduction, allowing youngsters to get amongst the action. Suitable for boys and girls of all ages, this is a fantastic starter kit to get your kids onboard with the joy of fishing.

1712 Field Box: For maximum water resistance it's hard to go past this sturdy field box. It clips shut for watertight protection of all your favourite fishing tackle and other specialist equipment. Complete with a lifetime warranty, the 1712 Field Box will provide many years of reliable service to suit your personalised fishing style.

37110 Tackle Case: If stylish fishing tackle equipment matters, this tackle case is for you. Complete with shoulder strap for convenient transportation, and with generous sized stowaways, the 37110 Tackle Case, weighing only 1484g, has all angles covered for a premium fishing experience.

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