Do you struggle to keep your fishing tackle and accessories in order? The answer is Plano, manufacturer of durable and long-lasting tackle boxes, tackle bags and storage solutions for Australian anglers of all ages.

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In 1953, Plano expanded on their success in Dallas, Texas and reinvented fishing tackle boxes. The brand went on to become the pioneering world leader in the manufacture of tackle boxes, tackle bags and stowaway fishing storage and organisation solutions. Store and transport your fishing line, hooks, sinkers and other terminal tackle gear easily trusted Plano tackle boxes. Anaconda is a major retailer for anglers, and Plano storage boxes and tackle bag ideas are just the beginning at Anaconda. Plano understands that tackle boxes aren't a one-size-fits-all accessory. Every angler has their own style that includes their favourite lures, lines, cutting tools, hooks, sinkers and more. Plano is up to the task, providing a huge range of tackle boxes with innovative features and storage solutions.

Why Choose Plano Tackle Boxes?

Old school metal tackle boxes were weighty and rusted quickly, so Plano founders set out to create a lightweight and rust-proof tackle box with the ability to withstand all weather conditions. Plano tackle boxes now lead the way and have been popular with anglers across the world for decades. Anaconda partners with industry leaders like Plano to bring you wide-ranging angling gear such as leader line, tackle trays, cast nets, crab pots, swivels, gaffs and a whole lot more. Plano develops tray tackle box storage solutions for anglers of all descriptions. Options include hard-case tackle boxes, soft-strap tackle bags and tackle trays. Plano has been a fan-favourite for years, and Plano tackle boxes, tackle bags, aerators, and tackle kits remain popular at Anaconda.

Whether you enjoy surf-casting, freshwater fishing, deep-water fishing or any other angling experience. Products include tackle boxes and carry bags of all shapes and sizes. The dream that started with one tackle box has become a worldwide phenomenon, with Plano products prized by their owners the world over.

Plano FAQs

What are Plano tackle boxes made of?

Plano tackle boxes are made out of strong and durable materials such as polypropylene, polycarbonate and hard plastic, resulting in a tough and durable tackle box that will be as tough as you are. This is a better option for anglers who are prone to butter fingers.

Are Plano tackle boxes wormproof?

Yes, certain Plano tackle boxes, like the 1001 Plano tackle box, feature full-size lift-out trays that are wormproof. Wormproof tackle boxes have been designed to not react with soft plastic materials, which enables anglers to store their plastics within their tackle trays.

Do Plano tackle boxes float?

Yes, not only do Plano tackle boxes float but they are also designed to be watertight. This is because of buoyancy, which is an upward force that is exerted by fluid that opposes the weight of either a fully or partially immersed object, such as a tackle box.

What is needed in a good Plano tackle box?

When it comes to what is needed to be stored in a Plano tackle box, it can be a subjective answer because everyone fishes differently. That being said, there are definitely certain fishing items you will want stored in your tackle box such as extra fishing line, hooks, floaters, sinkers, swivels, spinners, bait and multi-tools - it all depends on how you fish and what works for you.

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