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Our kid’s life jackets and PFDs meet all the safety requirements - colour, shape & material. Check out the Anaconda range of inflatable life jackets, life vests and other flotation gear that meets the highest standards of safety equipment for kayaking, water skiing, canoeing, sailing and boating. Ensure the safety of your little one with a toddler life jacket, vest or PFD!

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What are some important considerations for kid's life jackets?

The first factor to consider is the life jacket fit. If a boating life jacket, life vest or other flotation safety equipment doesn't fit properly, it won't provide adequate protection. Evaluate the fit of your kid's life jacket by its weight and chest size to ensure you're purchasing a life jacket that is not too small or too big for your child.

Kid's grow up fast, so ensure their life jacket fits properly before heading out onto the water. A life vest for kids is the safe way to have wakeboard, kayak and dinghy fun, and are an essential piece of equipment to be carried in all boats. For more information on everything your child needs, check out our guide to kid's summer essentials and enjoying watersports.

What are the different types of life jackets?

Inflation for life jackets can be manual or automatic. With the manual version, you usually have to pull a cord to make the life jacket inflate. The automatic inflation will start to work as soon as the life jacket hits the water. Life jackets also have a number of features designed for different types of water sports. These include attachments and fastenings such as crotch straps, a one-way inflating valve, a whistle, waist strap and waterproof qualities.

  • Newton rating: the Newton rating determines the buoyancy of a life jacket or other personal flotation device (PFD). Ten Newtons equals one kilogram of flotation. This calculation includes the weight of the wearer, the life jacket itself, and the water the jacket is used in. Check regional Australian safety standards to ensure your kid's life jackets are up to code in your area.
  • Crotch straps: this feature provides additional peace of mind in knowing the life jacket won't slip off while you are in the water. Inflatable life jackets are important safety equipment for people of all ages, and Anaconda is proud to offer kid's life jackets that meet the highest Australian standards.
  • Harness: some life jackets are equipped with special clips to fasten yourself to your boat, kayak or dinghy. Water sports are fun for people of all ages, and waterproof life jackets are part of the bigger picture.
  • Reflective tape: most life jackets are now equipped with some reflective tape. The life jacket tape becomes highly visible when in range of a flashlight or boat light. Reflective tape increases the visibility of the wearer.
  • Flare: the flare is a feature of life jackets used for deep-sea adventures. Flares on a personal flotation device enable you to signal any nearby vessels that you are in trouble. Life jackets with flares should be worn by adults accompanying small children.
  • Light: some life jackets have a strobe or a flashing light built-in to increase visibility and improve rescue outcomes in Australian waters.

Find the Right Kid's Life Jackets at Anaconda

You can choose from foam life jackets, neoprene life jackets, life vests and more inflatable jacket options, all available in the huge range of life jackets at Anaconda. Marine safety is a big deal in Australian waters, and a high-quality kid's life jacket provides the peace of mind required for enjoying your day on the water. For more fun tips, check out our guide on how to get into kayaking or how to choose a snorkel, mask and fins.

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