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Discover The Best Range Of Men's Shirts At Anaconda

Take a look at the extensive Anaconda collection of men's shirts including long-sleeve shirts, short-sleeve shirts, hiking shirts, men's hoodies and more, all being specially designed for hiking, camping, trekking, fishing or simply hanging out with mates. We partner with internationally recognised brands such as Columbia, Cederberg, Mountain Designs and more, all available with the famous Anaconda lowest available price guarantee.

The amazing Anaconda men's outdoor shirts range includes hiking shirts, polo shirts, trail running shirts, men's hoodies, ultralight apparel and the best men's long-sleeve shirts in the business. You will discover slip-on t-shirts, button-up shirts, half-zip tops, crew neck tops and the highest quality Merino wool base layers for enhanced breathability and comfort. A quality hiking shirt should be breathable, moisture-wicking, water resistant and also offer sun protection. And you will find all this and more, right here at Anaconda available online or in-store.

What Can I Find In The Men's Shirts Range?

The premium range of men's shirts at Anaconda showcases a superior range of men's long-sleeved shirts, plaid shirts, men's hoodies and ultralight shirts that offer sun protection, insect repellent qualities and are incredibly comfortable to wear all throughout the day. Superior manufacturing includes flatlock seams to withstand tough treatment, plus sleeve length options for the perfect fit. Examples include the very popular Silver Ridge Lite long sleeve hiking shirts and a wide selection of hiking shirts and mountaineering shirts from The North Face, Columbia and Patagonia. The best hiking shirts are designed for tough Australian conditions, and with more brands like Marmot, Omni and Rei on your side, your performance will be enhanced.

Men's Shirts FAQs

What shirt to wear for hiking?

When looking for a good shirt to wear for hiking, look for a men's hiking shirt that is made from Merino wool or polyester. This is because these materials are moisture-wicking, meaning that they will 'wick' away moisture from the surface of your skin throughout the day, allowing you to stay dry, whether working up a sweat when hiking in winter or avoiding the humidity when hiking in summer.

Are men's long sleeve shirts good for summer?

Absolutely, men's long sleeve shirts are good for summer. The most important reason why they are perfect for wearing in summer is that the long sleeves will protect your arms from the harmful UV rays from the sun, which is incredibly important when going outside in the harsh Australian sun.

What are the comfiest types of men's hoodies?

When it comes to what are the comfiest types of men's hoodies, the comfiest design you should look for are pullover hoodies. Even though men's hoodies with zips at the front are easier to put on and take off, pullover hoodies are the most comfortable type of men's hoodies because of their design and the materials they are made from.

How should men's shirts fit?

When it comes to men's shirts and how they should fit, it is important to remember that the shirt should always fit straight on the body. You will not want it feeling too tight where it is clinging to your body, which is not the most comfortable feeling when hiking, camping or doing physical exercise. It should have a little wiggle room that allows it to move and flex with your body as you move throughout the day.

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Check out our exciting range of men's shirts including men's hoodies, men's long-sleeve shirts, men's outdoor shirts, hiking shirts and so much more at Anaconda and make sure that you have the best gear for your next outdoor adventure! At Anaconda, we offer gift cards, Club deals, payment options and new arrivals that you won't be able to resist. Browse our entire men's clothing range including men's jackets, men's pants, men's fleece, men's rainwear and more, and check out our Adventure Centre for helpful tips and exciting destinations such as Sun Protective Clothing Buying Guide and How To Choose Base Layers.



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