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There are a lot of big brand names in the Australian fishing apparel industry. Anaconda has more big brands than any other outdoor retailer, with names such as Berkley, Daiwa, Marlin, Camo, Jarvis Walker and Shimano immediately recognisable to Australian anglers. The Anaconda collection of fishing tackle and fishing clothing is huge, with garments that include tournament shirts, headwear, short sleeve and long sleeve fishing shirts, fishing pants, water shoes and other important fishing apparel items designed for comfort and performance.

Our huge collection at Anaconda is not surprising really, considering the many unspoilt waterways and fishing spots all around Australia, and the Aussie thirst for outdoor adventure. Fishing shirts are must-haves for professional anglers and boaties who like to remain comfortable in variable weather conditions while out on the water. Long sleeve fishing shirts and short sleeve fishing shirts from Anaconda are breathable, moisture wicking and resist the inevitable splash and sea spray encountered while fishing. Quality fishing shirts and other fishing apparel also provide sun protection courtesy of special fabrics and manufacturing techniques.


There are many significant benefits of vented fishing shirts, with both short sleeve and long sleeve tournament fishing shirts providing advantages even for the casual angler. Here are a few reasons anglers purchase quality fishing shirts from Anaconda.

Sun Protection: Anglers are exposed to the elements all day long and sun protection is a high priority. The Australian sun can be harsh and damaging, making appropriate fishing shirts and sunscreen UPF protection essential. Anaconda fishing apparel is designed to keep your skin protected, and unlike sunscreen, a fishing shirt doesn't have to be continually reapplied.

Water Protection: A fun day angling will be ruined if you become soaked, cold or uncomfortable. Fishing shirts and angling apparel from Jarvis Walker and Shimano will repel sea splash and spray. Vented fishing shirts are breathable, moisture wicking and designed to dry fast. Regular shirts, jeans and shoes don't cut it on the water, so if you want to catch more than just a cold, check out Anaconda apparel for anglers.

Stain Protection: Fishing can be a messy business. It can be physically demanding and you are bound to encounter unwanted fishy stains and slime from time to time. Fishing clothing from Okuma, Plano, Silstar, Zman and other major brands includes stain resistant properties. Stains can't easily penetrate tournament fishing shirts and other fishing clothing, allowing you to look your best on the water.

Injury Protection: Fishing shirts are manufactured to suit various angling styles. Stretchable, moisture wicking fabrics are in vogue. These shirts bend and flex with the body and won't get snagged or tangled while you move around the boat or foreshore in pursuit of your aquatic quarry.


Anaconda fishing shirts, fishing clothing and angling gear are the best value money can buy. We partner with Jarvis Walker, Barra, Berkley, Abu Garcia and other major brands to deliver our famous lowest available price guarantee. Our collection has been specially chosen for their suitability in Australian conditions. In addition to vented fishing shirts and fishing clothing, we stock all angling needs including spinning reels, overhead reels, gaffs, cast nets, swivels, rod holders and more. If you require quality bait, sinkers and other fishing tackle, we are the go-to retailer with more products than anyone else. Professional anglers choose Anaconda squid jigs, lures and other gear designed to catch big fish.
Shopping at Anaconda is easy. Simply make a wish list, add products to your online shopping cart and proceed to checkout for a streamlined purchasing experience. Alternatively, visit your nearest Anaconda retailer for a hands-on experience. Try on polo shirts, moisture wicking tournament shirts and other fishing clothing, and stock up on all your fishing tackle favourites, and head out onto the water with confidence.



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