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Bait-casting rods tend to be longer than spinning rods and are typically fitted with heavier gauge line. Shop from Anaconda's Baitcaster Rod range at the low prices.

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Can I purchase baitcaster rods at Anaconda?

Yes, you can! Browse Anaconda's great range of Baitcasting rods from many of the well-known brands including Pflueger and Shimano as well as many others, all available here at great prices.

Baitcasting rods at Anaconda are available in different lengths and for varying sizes of target fish.

When should I use a baitcasting rod?

To use a bait-casting rod requires more skill than using rods equipped with spinning reels. To cast with a bait-casting rod, you hold it in your hand like you would a tennis racket, with the reel facing up toward you. The weight of the rod should rest on your index finger and your thumb should lie across the line in the reel at a 45-degree angle. You then pull back the rod and flick it forward overhand to cast. As the rod snaps forward fully, you lift your thumb to release the line from the spool. When you use your baitcasting rod correctly, the weight and lure on the end of your line will unroll the line on the reel, landing the bait at your target.

What are the advantages of using a baitcasting rod?

Baitcasting rods are usually longer than spinning rods and generally use a heavier gauge line. This makes them the ideal choice if you are casting long distances or fishing for heavy freshwater fish like walleye and bass. The line on a baitcasting rod and reel comes off straight, creating greater accuracy when casting. This also has the benefit of reducing the need to replace your line regularly, as can be necessary with the coiled line of a spinning rod.

What else should I know about baitcaster rods?

Baitcasting rods are most commonly used together with baitcasting reels. Which you can also purchase here at Anaconda. Again, as with all the fishing equipment available, there will be choices on type, style, brand and price to consider. Beginners may want to take a look at the baitcasting combo's available here at Anaconda, which offer you a combination of rod and reel. This saves you the trouble of trying to match the various pieces together yourself. And may be valuable when you are just setting out as a fisherman.

Does Anaconda sell other fishing rods as well?

Yes, Anaconda offers a wide range of fishing rods of all types and sizes, as well as specialist kits for kids in fun colours and with lots of interesting accessories. You can also shop here at Anaconda for everything associated with fishing, from clothing and footwear to tackle storage, bait and lures, fishing accessories and essentials, and even chairs or stools to use while fishing! Take a look at our great range of fishing gear to see the many possibilities on offer, all at great prices.



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