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Take the next step in your fishing journey and join the growing world of Baitcaster Fishing with help from Anaconda. Popular with anglers all over Australia, baitcaster reels, baitcaster rods and baitcaster combos present some amazing opportunities to elevate your fishing experience. When compared to their spinning reel counterparts, baitcaster rods and reels offer increased accuracy, toughness, durability and versatility to a wide range of fishing techniques. Read on to discover how you can get in on the baitcaster action and learn some key tips and tricks to make the most of your time on the water.

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Baitcaster Reels

Baitcaster reels come in a variety of shapes and sizes. With leading fishing brands bringing the latest technology and features to each of their new offerings, you can find a baitcaster reel to suit every fishing situation and every budget. Whether it's a low-profile reel or a round-profile reel - large or small in size - there will be a Baitcaster reel that fits your needs. Whether you're a seasoned angler or a beginner looking for a weekend fishing fix, we have the low-down on everything you need to know about baitcaster fishing reels.

Types Of Baitcast Reels

There are two main types of baitcast reels on the market: Low Profile Reels and Round Profile Reels. Apart from visibly being able to tell the two apart, they do serve a different purpose depending on your fishing style, preferences and ultimately what you are trying to catch.

  • A Low Profile Reel is generally lighter and a lot more compact than its round counterpart, making them easier to cast, more suitable for a long day on the water and ideal for beginners who are still trying to master their technique.
  • A Round Profile Reel is the original Baitcast style. Round profile baitcaster reels are built tough and bulky, making them more powerful and often having a larger drag system optimised to chase big fresh and saltwater fish. More often than not these reels are not as forgiving as a low-profile style, so casting them can be harder. With some practice using a round profile baitcast reel will become second nature, and you can base your choice of reel solely on personal preferences and whether you are planning to catch a Rainbow Trout or a Murray Cod.

Features To Look For In A Baitcasting Reel

When buying a Baitcaster Reel there are a number of variations to be aware of that can ultimately make your fishing experience that little bit more successful. Consider the below areas of focus to help hone your decision making process:

  • Reel gear ratio: Gear ratio refers to how many rotations of the spool there are for each turn of the handle. The higher the gear ratio, the quicker the line will reel in - making a reel with a high gear ratio perfect for fighting fish and covering more area quickly. If you'll be hunting for larger catches, aim for a lower ratio which will offer more torque and the added power to land bigger fish.
  • Line capacity: where targeting smaller fish will lend you to a capacity of 100 to 150 metres of 10lb braid, whereas if Saltwater Fishing is more your style, aim for a larger capacity of 200 to 300 metres of a larger braid such as 20 to 30lb.
  • Drag system: A drag system is another feature, again specific to your target catches, where a drag of 5 to 7 kg is ample for most freshwater species, but trips to catch Murray Cod will require a larger drag of 10kg or more. Finally, depending on if you're planning on going Saltwater Fishing you may opt for some additional corrosion resistance, by choosing a reel with a stainless steel frame, spool and sealed bearings that lessen the effects of the salt water getting into the mechanical areas of the reel.
13 Fishing Inception Baitcaster Reel
Shimano Curado DC XG 150 Baitcaster Reel

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Baitcaster Rods

Baitcaster rods, as the name suggests, are designed to house baitcaster reels. They include a few differences from the traditional spinning rod that enhance your fishing experience. These rods are configured to hold the baitcaster reel above the rod, allowing the line to come directly off the spool and out through the upward-facing guides. Combining this with the pistol style grip allows the angler to hold the rod and maintain an ergonomic grip. This also provides an optimal position for the thumb to rest on top of the reel and control the line release, making the baitcaster setup one that can attract all types of anglers.

How To Choose A Baitcasting Rod

Choosing a baitcaster rod can be quite overwhelming. Leading fishing brands all showcase multiple models - culminating in a lot of options, decisions and sometimes resulting in confusion! Here are some tips to hopefully narrow down the choice and find the right rod for you.

  • Length: Deciding on length can be a major factor in getting a rod suited to your fishing style, a shorter rod around 6ft can be great for short and sharp casting where you need extreme accuracy in tight spaces, whereas a longer rod around 7ft 6 gives you more length on the cast, ideal for open areas where you are prioritising distance.
  • Power: Power can also determine the rods you keep in your maybe pile, with a lighter rod optimised for throwing out finesse lures while a heavier rod is better for the larger lure, and ultimately the larger fish.
  • Rod action is also a major factor, referring to how much bend is in the rod when pressure is placed on the line. If a baitcast rod has a fast action, it is generally stiffer and will be a lot more sensitive, perfect for those fish that can often be a bit lure shy. A slower action means more bend throughout the whole rod, perfect for absorbing shock and power during a fight with a larger fish.

There are plenty of baitcaster rods on the market, with brands like Shimano, Daiwa, 13 Fishing and Abu Garcia all offering great outfits to suit all manner of fishing styles, situations and purposes.

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Baitcaster Combos

Baitcaster Combos are the easiest shopping option for those who are just starting out in the baitcaster space. Baitcaster fishing combos consist of a ready-made rod and reel expertly paired by the manufacturer to work in conjunction with each other and optimise each of their strengths. They come with the appropriate actions, power and weight limitations, and are correctly balanced so you don't end up with a reel that's too big or too small for the rod. The last thing you need is a reel that can catch a Murray Cod paired with a rod that's specialised for a Silver Perch or Australian Bass and buying a Baitcast Combo ensures this won't be the case.

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Fishing with Shimano Quickfire Rod

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Baitcaster FAQs

How long should a baitcaster rod be?

Baitcaster rod length is decided mainly by what location you are fishing in. A tight river with enclosed spaces and narrow-casting windows requires more precision, so a shorter 6 ft rod would be preferred. For open areas such as the ocean, a longer rod over 7ft gives more length on the cast - so you can cover more water without needing the pin-point accuracy. Although there is variation in baitcast rod lengths, each brand has a wide range of power and actions within their models. As such, a longer rod is not always more powerful, so also keep in mind your fishing location and what you're fishing for.

What is the best beginner baitcaster combo?

If you're new to fishing with a baitcaster combo, or looking to upgrade from a spinning Reel and give a Baitcaster set-up a go, there are some great ranges available at Anaconda that can get you started in no time. Each of the major fishing brands we sell in store have a full assortment of rod and reel combos ready to hit the water no matter what you're fishing for. If you're planning to head out on the open sea, look for a larger length combo above 7ft so that you can prioritise distance during casting. For a more secluded or hard to reach fishing spot opt for a shorter rod to provide more accuracy.

When looking at materials of the blank, aim for a composite set-up, giving the best of both worlds, giving you a great mix of balance, sensitivity and durability. Magnetic Braking on your reel is also a great beginner feature, helping to control backlash and the line throughout the release when casting, ensuring you can steer clear of the dreaded bird's nest created when too much line is released without adequate pressure.

Baitcaster Brands At Anaconda

At Anaconda we have a great range of the best brands in the fishing world that can cover all your baitcaster needs. Whether it's a Shimano Baitcaster Combo with the superb 10 year Shimano Reel warranty across the range, a 13 Fishing Baitcaster Reel that excites you thanks to the bright and eye-popping colour schemes, or a model from Abu Garcia that oozes quality and craftsmanship, Anaconda has the reel, rod or combo for you to suit any price range for every fishing trip imaginable.

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If you're keen to explore a new fishing experience with a baitcaster setup, browse our expansive online range of baitcaster reels, baitcaster rods and baitcaster combos to select the one that's right for you. You can also head into your local Anaconda store, where our friendly fishing experts can offer you local knowledge and some of the best inside tips that'll get you well on the way to catching fish

Inspire your next fishing experience with Anaconda's informative Fishing Adventure Centre articles, and make sure to check out the massive range of fishing gear at Anaconda online and in-store. We have fishing clothing, safety gear like fishing life jackets & PFDs, fishing lures and so much more to ensure you land your preferred catch.



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