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Ensure you have the right tools on your next fishing trip with our specialist fishing tools at Anaconda. Shop our fishing pliers and cutters online today.

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Can I purchase fishing pliers and cutters at Anaconda?

Yes, you can. In this range you'll find scissors that make light work of cutting mono and braid lines, long-reach pliers that will let you safely unhook your bait or lure from between sets of sharp teeth, and many pliers and cutters to help you assemble jigs, lures and sinkers. Here we will take a look at the various categories on offer:

What should I look for when choosing fishing pliers or cutters?

Fishing pliers/cutters are one of those easily overlooked pieces of gear. Anglers don't really think about them until they are in desperate need of them. The best fishing pliers can remove hooks, bend wires, change split rings, cut line, and more. Here are some features to consider:

Material: You want pliers that won't rust, so good choices here are stainless steel and aluminium. Cheap stainless steel can still rust, so go for quality like 420HC Stainless Steel.

Line Cutters: Basic pliers have a side cutter that will cut monofilament, and fluorocarbon, but if you use a lot of braid you will get frustrated if they aren't sharp. Look for pliers with dedicated line cutters that are sharpened and hardened in order to cut braid.

Side Cutters: You'll want a strong side cutter to cut off the shank of a hook should it become buried in your gear or worse, in your fingers.

Nose Length: Keep in mind the nose and handle length for deep hook removals. This will depend mostly on which species you're after. Saltwater pliers should be longer since you're typically dealing with larger and toothier fish.

Split Ring Tool: This is a bonus feature, and can come in very handy when you need to change or replace a treble hook on your favourite lure.

Should I choose a multi-purpose tool or separate items?

That will depend on your personal preference, the amount of time you spend fishing, the different species you catch, and the amount of room in your tackle box! Some people swear by having one tool that does all the jobs they need, while others believe they get better results with dedicated tools. Here at Anaconda, you have the choice!

What else is included in the range?

Also featured here is the Mustad Professional Fillet Kit. The Mustad Fillet Kit contains everything you need to get your catch ready for the table. The extra sharp fillet knife features a razor sharp, high grade stainless steel blade bonded with an ergonomic, ultra-tough, easy to clean polypropylene handle. The kit includes a knife sharpener, a rigid locking safety sheath, a durable nylon knit glove plus a stainless-steel washing stone.



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