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Australian anglers appreciate high-quality fishing equipment and accessories. Near the top of the wishlist are stainless fishing pliers with versatile fishing applications. The Anaconda collection includes aluminium fishing pliers, split ring fishing pliers, long nose pliers, side cutters, braid scissors, bent nose pliers and multi-purpose fishing pliers. At Anaconda, we partner with big-name fishing brands such as Gerber, Berkley, Jarvis Walker, SureCatch and many more to deliver the highest quality fishing rods, fishing reels and all fishing accessories, all at unbelievably low Anaconda prices.

Anaconda innovations include braid line and monofilament line cutters, hook removal pliers, grippers, crimp tools, long nose pliers, multi-tools and more. Anaconda showcases the highest quality fishing tools and stainless steel fishing accessories that are in demand all around Australia. Professional and amateur anglers all appreciate fishing pliers and other fishing tools that improve the overall fishing experience and allow you to keep on fishing while your companions are getting all tangled up. Shop our entire range of stainless fishing pliers and cutters online or in-store at Anaconda today.

What You Should Look For When Choosing Fishing Pliers & Cutters

Fishing pliers/cutters are one of those easily overlooked pieces of gear. Anglers don't really think about them until they are in desperate need of them. The best fishing pliers can remove hooks, bend wires, change split rings, cut lines and more. Here are some features to consider:

  • Material: You want pliers that won't rust, so good choices here are stainless steel and aluminium. Cheap stainless steel can still rust, so go for quality like 420HC Stainless Steel.
  • Line Cutters: Basic pliers have a side cutter that will cut monofilament and fluorocarbon, but if you use a lot of braid you will get frustrated if they aren't sharp. Look for pliers with dedicated line cutters that are sharpened and hardened in order to cut braid.
  • Side Cutters: You'll want a strong side cutter to cut off the shank of a hook should it become buried in your gear or worse, in your fingers.
  • Nose Length: Keep in mind the nose and handle length for deep hook removals. This will depend mostly on which species you're after. Saltwater pliers should be longer since you're typically dealing with larger and toothier fish.
  • Split Ring Tool: This is a bonus feature, and can come in very handy when you need to change or replace a treble hook on your favourite lure.

Fishing Pliers & Cutters FAQs

How to use split ring pliers when fishing?

When fishing, use split ring pliers to effortlessly attach hooks, lures, or other tackle to split rings. Grip the split ring firmly with the pliers, then use the tool to pry open the ring, creating a gap. Slide the desired item onto the split ring, then release the pliers to allow the ring to close securely, ensuring your tackle stays firmly attached during fishing.

What are fishing pliers used for?

Fishing pliers are versatile tools essential for anglers. They are primarily used for removing hooks from fish, cutting fishing line, crimping sleeves or split shot weights, and bending wire leaders. Additionally, they can be handy for tasks like tightening knots, opening split rings, and handling small objects. Fishing pliers are durable, corrosion-resistant, and designed for use in various fishing environments.

What pliers do I need for fishing?

For fishing, essential pliers include:

  1. Split ring pliers - Ideal for attaching hooks, lures, or other tackle to split rings.
  2. Needle-nose pliers - Useful for reaching deep into a fish's mouth to remove hooks or for tasks requiring precision.
  3. Side-cutting pliers - Perfect for cutting fishing lines or wire with ease. These pliers cover a range of tasks encountered while fishing, ensuring you're prepared for various situations on the water.

What are split ring nose fishing pliers for?

Split ring nose fishing pliers are specialised tools designed for effortless manipulation of split rings commonly used in fishing tackle. Their narrow, pointed nose allows anglers to easily open split rings, facilitating the attachment of hooks, lures, or other terminal tackle. This precision tool ensures efficient rigging and helps anglers quickly swap out or customise their setups while on the water.

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