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Anaconda stocks a range of fish nets including crab pots, traps and drop nets. Visit us at your local store or shop the fishing items you need online!

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Can I purchase crab and bait traps at Anaconda?

Yes, you can. Trapping is a passive way to catch fish, shellfish, crustaceans and cephalopods. Traps allow some control over the species and sizes of the fish you plan to catch. The trap entrance can regulate the maximum size of fish caught, while the size of the mesh can allow small fish to escape. Anaconda stocks a range of different fish traps including crab traps, opera house traps, and drop nets.

What should I look for when buying a trap?

The type of trap you need will depend on the species you want to try and catch. Make sure you study their movements, habitat, bait preferences and location to see which trap will be the most suitable. Entrance and mesh size are all-important: too large an entrance and a larger predator can swim into your trap and eat your intended catch - too large mesh means your chosen catch will escape.

What type of bait should I use in the trap?

Again, this is dependent on your chosen catch. Crab bait is generally anything from food, such as chicken necks or intestines to tins of tuna with holes punched in them, to road kill and dead fish or eels. Different baits will work in different locations, so a lot of trial and error is involved. Prawn or shrimp bait is normally a combination of commercial pellets and oils, but can also be made from some fishy cat foods, canned oily fishes (mackerel, sardines, herring), fish carcasses, and herring or anchovies.

Can I use a trap anywhere?

Australian fishing regulations vary from state to state. Some types of trap are not permitted in some areas, so make sure you check the regulations before you set out to go fishing with your trap. Other restrictions can be seasonal to avoid catching fish or shellfish in the breeding season. Fishing permits are also required in many areas.

Does Anaconda sell other types of fishing equipment?

Yes, as well as the traps found here, you will find a huge range of fishing rods, nets and other fishing equipment here at Anaconda, for fishing in all types of conditions. Take a look at the huge collection of equipment, tools, accessories, essentials and find all your fishing necessities here at Anaconda.



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