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Overhead reels are suitable for any type of offshore fishing with their large line and drag capacity! Choose quality overhead reels at Anaconda today.

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How Do I Choose The Best Reel For My Upcoming Fishing Trip?

There are different types of reels you might buy for a variety of fishing trips. Certain reels can be easier to handle in certain situations, and in some cases, they could provide you with the fish you really want to catch. Below, we have provided an overview with the recommended reels for various fishing situations.

Which Reels Are Recommended For Bait Fishing?

Bait fishing is wonderfully versatile, so this applies to reels as well. Most anglers develop their own preferences over the years, so both spinning and overhead reels can be used in this situation.

Of course, reel selection can be subject to the skill level of anglers. If you are beginner, you might feel more comfortable with a spinning reel for bait fishing. On the other hand, if you are more experienced, you might better with an overhead reel. However, the latter does depend on your fishing style overall.

Which Reels Are Recommended For Trolling?

When you go trolling, the overhead reel is usually the recommended option. The reason for that is the reaction accuracy you have with an overhead reel. If you are fishing for some seriously heavy fishes, the overhead reel allows you to respond to your heavy catch better.

One of the additional advantages to using an overhead reel for trolling is how easy it is to adjust the line. With the overhead reel you can also count on the so-called free spool function, which makes catching heavier and rougher fish a little safer.

Which Reels Are Best For Casting?

When you go casting, you can choose both spinning and overhead reels. Once again, it can depend on your skill level. If you are relatively new, always choose the easier spinning reel for the better experience.

Naturally, there is one overhead reel that can be particularly useful for casting, more specifically the baitcaster. The baitcaster is a reel that should only be used by more experienced anglers though, as its handling can be more difficult. You can also use this overhead reel for a variety of waters, this goes from rivers and lakes to inshore fishing.

Which Reels Are Best For Bottom Fishing?

The reels used for bottom fishing are usually the same ones you will use for jigging. For this type of fishing, overhead reels tend to be best. With an overhead reel, you have more control of the spool, which in turn provides benefit when you hook a fish in this situation. The capacity of an overhead reel tends to be better for deeper waters too.

Even though overhead reels are the recommended choice, there are some modern spinning reels that could provide similar benefits in deeper waters. Of course, there are multiple things to take into consideration here, this includes the strength of the reel, stability, but also overall control you can command over it.

Does Line Capacity Matter?

Line capacity will be a dominant factor when you choose a reel for a specific environment. Some deeper waters will require more reel capacity, in which case you would first look at the overhead reel. On the other hand, if you are fishing in lakes or rivers, you do not need the same line capacity. In those cases, you could look at a modern spinning reel instead.

The capacity of your line will also be subject to what you are fishing for, this in terms of reserve line you might need to reel in an unusual fish. If you are in waters that could see you with a variety of different fish, a longer capacity might be the recommended choice.

Shopping For Overhead Reels At Anaconda

In the Anaconda catalogue, you can find a large variety of overhead reels. These reels are obtained from proven and renowned brands, this includes Shimano. So, if you are an experienced angler looking for an upgrade, you are bound to find it here.

In addition to overhead reels, you can count on Anaconda for other reels, bait, and even artificial lures. If you want a full overview of what we have to offer for anglers, be sure to head over to the rest of our online fishing catalogue!



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