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Find The Right Bait Bucket For Every Angling Style At Anaconda

Keep your live bait, burley and swimbaits safely stored with handy bait buckets from Anaconda. Baitholder live bait buckets are available in rigid or collapsible styles, with or without lid, and you will find the perfect bait bucket for the right price. The Anaconda bait bucket range is part of our extensive fishing collection for Australia, with premium brands such as Jarvis Walker, Surecatch, Berkley, and Plano. Explore the best fishing tackle products on the market, including fishing rods, fishing reels, aerators, bait pumps, crab pots and innovative collapsible bait buckets designed for convenience and an increased catch.

Discover A Huge Range Of Bait Bucket Designs For Fishing Efficiency

  • A two-bucket design: This, as the name suggests, is a combination of an outer and inner bucket. The traditional lift out bait bucket has an outer hard plastic bucket with an inner liner that fits inside. The inner liner often has a perforated bottom, allowing the angler to lift the liner out of the bucket which removes the water, making it easier to select the bait fish. Anglers can also keep bait fresh and lively by placing the inner bucket liner in the lake or off a dock as a holding container. Other features may include notches, holes and clips for holding dip nets, air hoses, aerators and pliers.
  • Trolling buckets: Trolling style buckets are ideal when trolling for fish as they pull easily behind your boat or in the current when wading. The weighted keel design keeps the bucket from rolling over and positions the self-closing bait door floating face up for easy access to your bait. The trolling bucket constantly aerates the bait as it moves through the water.
  • Insulated bait buckets: By combining a foam liner and the durability of a moulded plastic outer bucket, you have the best portable container for baitfish. The inner liner keeps baitfish cool during the warm months and it also reduces the danger of freezing of your bait water in colder temperatures. If you need to store baitfish for several days, you can add a battery powered aerator keeping the water oxygenated.

Bait Buckets FAQs

How to keep bait fish alive in a bucket

If you prefer to use live bait to land your catch, it's important to keep it fresh and lively to attract more fish. Here are our top tips for keeping your bait alive for longer in your bucket:

  1. Keep the water in your bait bucket cool, especially in the warmer summer months. You can do this by using a frozen water bottle or ice pack - just don't use loose ice as this will dilute saltwater.
  2. Combine your bait bucket with an air pump or aerator from Anaconda's range of bait pumps. This will keep the water oxygenated.
  3. Refresh the water throughout the day to keep it clean and oxygenated.
  4. Use a small net to retrieve your bait from the bucket as you need it. Your hands are likely to have sunblock or other chemicals present that could contaminate the water.

How long will bait stay alive in a bucket

Bait fish or shrimps will stay alive anywhere from a few hours or several days, depending on the bait you use and how well you maintain the water conditions in the bucket. Follow our tips for keeping bait fish alive for best results.

How to deodorise a bait bucket

If your bait bucket is starting to get a bit whiffy, chances are there's some residue and debris that needs to be removed. Start by scrubbing it out with fresh water, and use a mixture of baking soda to aid in cleaning and deodorising. If you have an aerator pump, let this run for 30 minutes with the baking soda and water mix. Avoid using harsh chemicals as residues may be left behind and could affect the health of your live bait.

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