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Discover The Great Range Of Fish Scalers, Lip Grips & More At Anaconda

If you care about safe and responsible fishing methods, a lip grip or fish grip is an essential addition to your tackle box. A lip grip will allow you to quickly and safely hold on to a fish by one of its lips without risking getting cut by its teeth or your own fishing hook. It also causes less harm to the fish compared to holding it by the gills which can damage sensitive tissues and cause excessive bleeding. Landing a fish with a net tends to remove too much of the fish's slime coat which it needs to avoid infections. Hooks can also get easily tangled in the net. Lip grips can also be used while keeping the fish in the water. If you want to weigh a fish, you can hook a scale to the lip grip itself and then subtract the weight of the grip from the total weight to get an accurate measurement. A dehooking tool or dehooker lets you quickly remove your fish hooks without even having to touch the fish, and when you end up reeling in your biggest fish ever, you don't want to be caught without a reliable fishing scale.

Elevate your fishing game with our comprehensive range of essential fishing tools. From fish scalers to effortlessly remove scales, to lip grips ensuring safe handling of your catch, we have you covered. Our digital fish scales provide precise weight measurements, aiding in documenting your angling achievements accurately. For added convenience and security, our fish grippers offer a reliable grip on slippery fish, facilitating easy handling and release. Designed with durability and performance in mind, our range caters to anglers of all levels, promising enhanced efficiency and enjoyment on every fishing expedition. Upgrade your gear arsenal and reel in your next trophy catch with confidence. Featuring brands such as Berkley and Wilson, shop our entire range of fish scalers, lip grips and much more at Anaconda online or in-store today!

Fish Scaler & Lip Grip FAQs

How to use a fish lip gripper?

To use a fish lip gripper, first, ensure the gripper is securely attached to your fishing rod or belt for easy access. When catching a fish, grip its lower lip firmly with the gripper jaws, ensuring a secure hold. Lift the fish clear of the water using the gripper, allowing for safe handling and minimising harm to the fish. Finally, release the fish gently back into the water.

How to use a fish scaler?

To use a fish scaler, hold the fish firmly by its tail. With the scaler in hand, firmly scrape its surface against the fish's scales, working from tail to head in smooth motions. Apply consistent pressure to remove scales effectively. Rinse the fish under running water to remove detached scales. Clean the scaler after use for future fishing endeavours.

What are lip grips?

Lip grips are fishing tools designed to securely hold a fish by its lower lip, allowing anglers to handle and control the fish safely. They typically consist of a pair of jaws operated by a handle, which clamp onto the fish's lip without causing harm. Lip grips provide a secure grip, preventing the fish from slipping away and facilitating easy removal of hooks.

What is a fish scaler used for?

A fish scaler is a tool used to remove scales from the surface of a fish. It typically features a serrated edge or rough surface that efficiently scrapes off the scales while minimising damage to the fish's skin. Fish scalers are essential for preparing fish for cooking, as removing scales enhances the flavour and texture of the cooked fish while making it more presentable for serving.

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