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Our lip grips and scales enables catch-and-release fishing to safely release fish back into the water! Uncover the extensive range at Anaconda today.

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What do I need to know when going fishing?

Fishing doesn't end once you gotten a bite and successfully reeled in your catch. There's still some work ahead which require good equipment to get done right.

Anaconda offers specialised fishing gear such as lip grips, scales and hook removers so you can properly handle and weight your catch without causing unnecessary harm to the fish.

If you practise the catch and release method of fishing you'll want to preserve the integrity of your catch in order ensure its survival once it's back in the water. The more time the fish spends out of the water, the less chances it has of successfully surviving after it's been released. With the right handling equipment on hand, you'll be able to enjoy the joys of fishing and show off your victories while causing very minimal impact to the environment.

Lip Grips

If you care about safe and responsible fishing methods, a lip grip or fish grip is an essential addition to your tackle box. A lip grip will allow you to quickly and safely hold on to a fish by one of its lips without risking getting cut by its teeth or your own fishing hook. It also causes less harm to the fish compared to holding it by the gills which can damage sensitive tissues and cause excessive bleeding. Landing a fish with a net tends to remove too much of the fish's slime coat which it needs to avoid infections. Hooks can also get easily tangled in the net.

Lip grips can also be used while keeping the fish in the water. If you want to weigh a fish, you can hook a scale to the lip grip itself then subtract the weight of the grip from the total weight to get an accurate measurement.


When you end up reeling in your biggest fish ever, you don't want to be caught without a reliable fishing scale. When it comes to sharing your success stories with friends and family, nothing beats a photo of you and your prize catch hanging off a scale showing its actual weight. Anaconda sells both traditional analogue scales, as well as modern waterproof digital fishing scales. An added benefit of digital fish scales is that it can automatically save the weight of the fish in its memory so you won't have to spend time writing it down, allowing you to release your catch back in the water much quicker. The fishing scales we have in store are not only reliable but also very affordable, and are used by anglers all across the globe.

Dehooking Tools

A dehooking tool or dehooker lets you quickly remove your fish hooks without even having to touch the fish. Using this tool, you can even remove your hook while the fish is in the water, which happens a lot when you catch fish that are too small to harvest or weight. Anaconda offers dehooking tools that come with ergonomic non-slip handles that make it much easier to use no matter what situation you're in. Our dehookers are also made of corrosion resistant stainless steel which ensures that it will be a fixture in your tackle box for a very long time.



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