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Our women's jackets are waterproof and windproof, keeping you warm whilst in the great outdoors. Discover our women's outerwear and clothing at Anaconda!

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We certainly do. We stock women's jackets, rain jackets, softshell jackets, hoodies, raincoats and waterproof coats in a wide variety of colours, styles and sizes. Our collection of outerwear from major brands includes base layers for a snug feel, plus hooded jackets, windbreakers, women's rain jackets, ski jackets and more for mountaineering perfection. Our high quality women's jackets are manufactured using premium materials such as Goretex for waterproof and water-resistant performance in poor weather conditions. In addition, you can couple your winter coat with highest quality snow boots, scarves, Wellies and other gear designed for resisting the cold, with everything you need available at Anaconda. Explore our extensive women's waterproof jacket and outerwear collection, and enjoy mountaineering in style. 


Every woman will need more than one jacket to get through the season if she wants to be covered for all eventualities. Here are some of the considerations for various types of jacket:

  • Warm - if you are living in an area where the temperatures plummet in winter, or you are planning to go skiing this winter, a warm jacket like a puffa coat or duvet jacket, or similar, will be indispensable.
  • Waterproof - for walks with the dog, trips on the bike or standing on the sidelines cheering on family members at sporting events, a waterproof jacket is a must. Ideally one with a hood, and cuffs to stop the water from going up your sleeves too.
  • Stylish - if you like to dress up, and have to travel to events, you will need a smart and stylish coat to match your outfit. Make sure it is cut generously enough to wear a suit jacket underneath if that is what you'll be wearing.
  • Casual - this is the sort of jacket that you can leave on the back seat of the car, or hanging on a hook by the back door, ideal for just slipping on when you are popping out to pick up the kids or get some shopping.
  • Cover-up - for summer evenings or days when the sun goes in unexpectedly, a lightweight fleece jacket will be just the thing to carry with you, ready for when you need that extra layer.
  • Vest - many activities outdoor mean that although you need to be covered up, you will still need to have plenty of freedom of movement. For this, a vest that leaves your arms bare is indispensable.


When it comes to warm jackets, you'll be spoilt for choice. With many top brands as well as a wide choice of colours and styles at fantastic prices, you can get warm jackets for every occasion and activity here. A good warm jacket is imperative when the temperature drops significantly during the day or night. If you are physically active, you can usually generate enough body heat to keep you warm. But once you stop moving, your body temperature can quickly fall to a point where it becomes not only uncomfortable but also dangerous.Depending on your preference, you can go for one warm jacket like a down insulated jacket that will keep out wind, snow and rain, or opt for a layered approach, with a base layer such as a thermal top, which keeps your body temperature stable, followed by a mid-layer like a fleece jacket or a soft-shell jacket, and topped with an outer layer that will keep the wind and rain off. This has the bene