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When choosing the right landing fishnet, there are some important things to consider to ensure you choose the best one for your needs. First, think about how you will be using the landing net. If you do a lot of catch and release fishing for example, then the type of material it's made from will be a determining factor. Rubber mesh material is perfect for catch-and-release fishing because it will preserve the fish's natural slime coat. Whereas cloth-based fabric will wipe this off, which is their protective coating from bacteria and parasites. The length of your landing net is important depending on what type of fish you are hunting. Having a longer fishnet will give you more leverage when catching fish such as flathead, Murray cod and barramundi. On the other hand, shorter fishnets are more compact and great for taking anywhere.

Whether you're catching fish in the ocean, rivers and lakes, or crabs from the shore, we have everything you'll need to ensure you don't return home empty-handed. With a wide range of well-known fishing brands such as Black Magic, Berkley, Jarvis Walker and more, our massive range of fish landing nets, telescopic landing nets, folding landing nets and more has everything you need for your next fishing adventure. Shop our entire range of landing nets and gaffs at Anaconda online or in-store today!

Landing Nets & Gaffs FAQs

How to sharpen a fishing gaff?

To sharpen a fishing gaff, use a flat file or sharpening stone. Hold the gaff securely and at a slight angle, then run the file or stone along the blade edge in a single direction. Repeat this motion evenly on both sides until you achieve a sharp edge. Test the sharpness by lightly running your finger along the blade. Remember to be cautious to avoid injury.

What is a fishing gaff?

A fishing gaff is a tool used by anglers to secure and land large fish. It consists of a long pole with a sharp hook at one end, often made of stainless steel. Anglers use the gaff to pierce and secure the fish, then lift it out of the water and onto the boat or shore. Gaffs are commonly used for big game fishing to safely handle and retrieve sizable catches.

What is a landing net?

A landing net is a tool used in fishing to help anglers safely land and retrieve fish from the water. It consists of a hoop-shaped frame with a net attached, often made of nylon or rubber mesh. Anglers use the net to scoop up the fish once it's hooked, preventing it from escaping or getting injured. Landing nets come in various sizes and designs for different types of fishing and fish species.

What size landing net for carp do I need?

For carp fishing, the size of the landing net depends on the size of the carp commonly caught in your area. A common size for carp nets is around 36 to 42 inches in diameter, providing ample space to safely land larger carp. Ensure the net has a deep mesh to accommodate the size of the fish and a sturdy handle for control during the landing process.

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