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Landing nets come in many forms, including fishing nets, prawn nets, release nets and folding landing nets. Shop Anaconda's range online or in-store!

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A landing net, cast net, release net or other net is an essential tools for anglers around the world. In Australia, seafood options abound, and it's always good to have a folding landing net, snapper net or crab pots on hand to take advantage of the tides. The first step is to purchase your landing net from a leading outdoor and fishing specialist. At Anaconda, we showcase the latest fishing rods, fishing reels, fishing tackle, fishing shirts and more, from name-brand manufacturers that include Jarvis Walker, Shimano, Berkley and Alvey.

With high quality Anaconda fishing gear on your side, including a landing net, rod holders and gaffs, you will easily haul in large fish safely. Your landing net and fishing gear accessories should also include strong pliers, a tackle box, soft plastic lures, and possibly an aerator for keeping live bait. Whether you prefer telescopic rods, overhead reels, rod and reel combos, your fishing rod choices are sorted, and we have hard body lures, leader line and mono line options also. The landing net you choose can match your fishing methods when you shop at Anaconda.


The landing net you choose should match the fish or other sea life you are after. Australia has amazing oceans and heaps of tidal estuaries and rivers, and our waterways have been the lifeblood of communities for thousands of years. The landing net choices are all yours, although a lot of experienced anglers often have a variety of landing nets and cast nets so they can choose the right soft plastic or monofilament landing net for the location.

Nets and cages are used for a wide variety of fishing purposes. Crab pots and lobster pots are well known, along with prawn nets and other landing nets used in estuaries and coastal areas. Anglers have the advantage of catching live bait for use on overhead reels and telescopic rods, or on squid jigs, swivels and surf rods. As always, brand is important, so always search out Anaconda favourites such as Terminal Tackle, Silstar, Berkley and other leading manufacturers to ensure your fishing rods, fishing rod holders, fishing reels, landing nets, tackle boxes and other fishing accessories are top quality and ready for action.

Materials are an important consideration for all fishing equipment. For starters, you will need to factor in freshwater and saltwater conditions. Strong fluorocarbon and monofilament landing nets and fishing lines are made from materials that repel water and don't deteriorate, making them ideal for carrying in dry bags alongside pliers, swivels, sinkers and waders. It is also a requirement to have storage space for life jackets alongside fishing tackle and fishing net storage, and quality first aid equipment and supplies are another Anaconda specialty.



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