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How To Select Your Landing Net For A Fishing Trip

The landing net is one of the essential tools of anglers around the world yet choosing the right landing net is not always that straightforward. You may have obtained a landing net in the past, only to find out it was less than suitable for the fish you had in mind. To help you get the right landing net for your next fishing trip, we have created a useful guide for you below.

What Is The First Thing To Consider When Choosing A Landing Net?

As we briefly hinted in the introduction, the landing net you select for your next fishing trip must match the fish you are hoping to catch. In fact, a lot of experienced anglers often have a variety of landing nets, so they can choose the right landing net for the spot they have chosen.

If you intend on fishing at a specific location, ask yourself which species of fish you can encounter. Once you have determined the type of fish you are going to angle after, you need to look at the hoop size of the landing net as well as the size of the mesh.

To help illustrate the selection process, let us assume you will be fishing for salmon. In the scope of fishing, salmon are considered as some of the bigger fish out there. As such, you will need a landing net with a larger hoop. The mesh of your landing net can have bigger holes, but it must be made from more durable materials, this since salmons can have considerable strength and have a heavy weight.

Of course, the opposite applies to smaller fish. There is little use in using a wide hoop with large mesh holes for smaller fish, as they could leap out or even escape between the mesh holes. This is another example of why it is so important to determine the species of fish you will be catching first.

What Is The Second Thing To Consider When Choosing A Landing Net?

Some fishing locations require you to return the fish to the water once you have caught them. There are also anglers who prefer to return the fish to the water. If this is the case, it is important to pay extra attention to the material the mesh of your landing net is made of.

Certain mesh materials can cause damage to the exterior body of the fish, this usually includes a protective layer around their scales. If you use a material such as nylon, this could damage that layer. If you intend on putting the fish back, you can use a landing net made of rubber, this is less likely to damage the body of the fish.

What Is The Third Thing To Consider When Choosing A Landing Net?

There are many different designs of landing nets to consider. When you look at the hoop, you will notice some are square and others are round. Once again, this could be important depending on the species of fish you are trying to catch. Some shapes handle better than others in certain waters too, so it is advised to read the product description to ensure you pick the right one.

Aside from the design of the hoop, you will notice that many landing nets have some additional accessories too. While most accessories are available for purchase separately, some landing nets have the accessories installed on the landing net itself.

One handy accessory to have on a landing net is a storage hook. Once you are done fishing, the storage hook ensures you can easily store your landing net away until your next fishing trip. Never hang the net by its mesh, as this could damage the mesh material.

Finally, look out for the latest landing nets with the better comfort grips. While you may not think much of it at the moment, a comfort grip can prove useful if you have caught a big fish that is putting up quite a fight. If you want to grab the fish without much trouble, a well-formed handle will do wonders where the handling of your net is concerned. So, be sure to check out the latest options at Anaconda before you cast off!



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