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To catch the right fish, you need the right gear. At Anaconda, our range of landing nets, drop nets and fishing gaffs will ensure you always have the right equipment when setting out on your next fishing adventure.

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Choosing the Best Landing Fishnets

When choosing the right landing fishnet, here are some important things to consider to ensure you choose the best one for your needs:

How will you be using it?

Before making a decision, first think about how you will be using the landing net. If you do a lot of catch and release fishing for example, then the type of material it's made from will be a determining factor. Rubber mesh material is perfect for catch and release fishing because it will preserve the fish's natural slime coat. Whereas cloth-based fabric will wipe this off, which is their protective coating from bacteria and parasites.

Storage capacity

If you're fishing from a smaller vessel like a canoe or kayak, then you'll want a landing net that won't take up too much room. To ensure it doesn't take up too much room, opting for a foldable or retractable option, like our Jarvis Walker Deluxe Heavy Duty Retractable Landing Net is ideal.

The length

The length of your landing net is important depending on what type of fish you are hunting. Having a longer fishnet, like our Wilson Fish Friendly Rubber Net, will give you more leverage when catching fish such as flathead, Murray cod and barramundi. On the other hand, shorter fishnets are more compact and great for taking anywhere.

Choosing the Best Fishing Gaffs

If you like to get up close and personal when fishing, then here's what you need to know when choosing the best fishing gaff:

The material

The most common materials used to make fishing gaffs are fibreglass and aluminium. While both are both very similar, fibreglass material is slightly more flexible when bending, whereas aluminium offers a more stylish anodised look. When boiled down, the type of material depends on your personal preference.

Hook design

There's nothing worse than watching your fish slip away right at the last moment after a long struggle, which is why the design of the hook is crucial. Fishing gaffs like our Wilson 6' Fluted Aluminium Gaff have a squared gaff hook. Unlike more rounded style hooks, its squared hook design forces the fish to sit in the gap, ensuring that it won't fall out once hooked.

The length

The type of fish you want to catch will determine the appropriate gaff length you'll need. Smaller fishing gaffs, like our Wilson 2' Fluted Aluminium Gaff are excellent for kayaks and small skiffs because of how close they are to the water. If you're on the hunt for fish like bass, tuna and snapper, then a larger fishing gaff is needed for wrestling and bringing them alongside the boat.

Find the Right Landing Nets and Fishing Gaffs at Anaconda

Apart from landing fishnets and gaffs, we have a huge range of bait pumps, crab pots, bait pumps and so much more. Whether you're catching fish in the ocean, rivers and lakes, or crabs from the shore, we have everything you'll need to ensure you don't return home empty-handed.

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