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Walk in any terrain easily with our trekking poles at Anaconda. Shop durable walking poles and conquer any rough terrain on your journey.

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Cover Any Terrain With Ease Using Hiking Poles From Anaconda

Campers and hikers will get more from their rough terrain backpacking journey when assisted by the right equipment and apparel. Anaconda has practical and sturdy hiking poles and walking poles with features including comfortable cork handles, rubber pole tips, anti-shock technology and strong carbon materials. Trekking poles assist in similar ways to walking sticks, allowing the user to maintain balance and traction while trekking or mountaineering. Studies have also shown that walking poles can effectively increase your walking speed by providing leverage up hills and balance on the way down for safer mountaineering. Discover walking poles from leading brands like Denali, Leki and Mountain Designs today with Anaconda.

Walking Poles & Hiking Poles FAQs

How to use hiking poles

When you use a walking pole, it is your aim to walk at a steady but relatively relaxed pace. Hiking, trekking and mountaineering can be dangerous, and it's important to ensure personal safety. When using walking poles for the first time, plant the pole slightly ahead of your step. Assist your stride by planting the left or right pole in sequence with each step. When paired with appropriate hiking boots, hiking shoes, backpacks or daypacks, your hiking poles will give you the extra spring in your step required to meet hiking deadlines.

What are the benefits of walking poles?

For a comprehensive overview of walking and hiking poles, Anaconda has everything you need to know in our walking poles buying guide. Here are just a few of the great benefits walking poles can offer:

  • Knee Protection: Walking and hiking poles take some of the load off your back, hips and knees, and ensure there is not too much strain placed on any of your joints.
  • Added Safety: Hikers who often find themselves on uneven hiking trails might find a set of walking poles particularly useful. Walking poles can provide hikers with more stability on uneven ground and provide them with added balance.
  • Improve Your Endurance: If you are training to walk longer distances, walking poles could become your new best friend! Walking poles can add to your overall endurance and reduce fatigue. In turn, they keep you walking for longer and enable you to get the most out of your walking workout.
  • Improve Your Posture: Experienced hikers already know that poor posture during hikes could lead to lower back pain, neck pain, and similar complaints. With walking poles, hikers can maintain the correct posture more easily and subsequently avoid common aches and pains caused by incorrect movements.
  • Build Muscle: Believe it or not, walking poles could help you to build more arm, shoulder, and neck muscles. When you walk longer distances with the poles, your body must create more muscle to provide the required strength to complete your trip.

Do you have to break in walking poles?

You can use walking poles immediately, although it's worth practising with your walking poles before heading off for an extended hike. Hikers who have never used walking poles, hiking poles or trekking poles should get used to them first, so start using the walking poles for small distances and gradually work your way up. Appropriate walking poles will help you and your hiking partner carry a load that can include tents, packs & bags, hydration gear, sleeping bags & mats, health & safety equipment, cookware & more. Try doing a few practice walks with your fully loaded pack before heading off the beaten track.

What Other Hiking Equipment Can I Find At Anaconda?

Once you've found the right hiking packs, walking poles and hydration packs & drink bottles, check out Anaconda's selection of camping equipment including binoculars and essential knives & tools. Should you run into any emergency situations, we also have everything you need to stay in touch with essential communication & navigation equipment. Make sure your outdoor clothing is up to the job as well, being suited to the climate and terrain of your chosen hiking location. The right footwear like mid hiking boots or low hiking shoes are also essential for providing the right traction, comfort and support while on the trails.

Shop Hiking Poles & Essential Camping Equipment With Anaconda

Anaconda has everything you need to safely and comfortably explore the great outdoors! Shop for walking poles and camping equipment online with ease and choose from the convenience of home delivery or free 2-hour click & collect for your order. Or why not pop into your local Anaconda store to find all the essentials for your next hiking adventure? Sign up to the Anaconda Adventure Club for exclusive Club discounts, and make sure you check out our informative hiking essentials buying guide for everything you need to be fully equipped for your next adventure!



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