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If you're considering an adventurous hike, our walking poles available at Anaconda may come handy. Explore the range of trekking and walking poles at Anaconda!

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Get the Most from Your Walking Poles with This Guide from Anaconda!

Customers who go walking or hiking regularly should certainly consider one of the walking poles from Anaconda. Not quite sure how you use walking poles or how you get the most out of them? Read our useful guide to walking poles below to find out!

Do You Have to Break in Walking Poles?

A common misconception is that you can use walking poles immediately for large distances. In fact, it is better to break in your walking poles beforehand. You can compare walking poles to a new pair of shoes, which means they should be broken in first.

Hikers who have never used walking poles should get used to them first, since the upper body can become tired rather quickly if you have not used them before. So, start using the walking poles for small distances and gradually work your way up.

How Do I Use a Walking Pole?

When you use a walking pole, it is your aim to walk quite relaxed. However, hikers should also maintain their posture and use their poles properly, therefore, the use of walking poles may require some practice.

When using walking poles for the first time, plant your pole slightly ahead of your step. Let the poles flow with your body, so plant the next pole when you are putting your next step. While this may sound a little complicated, you will be surprised just how easy it is!

Why Should I Use Walking Poles Instead of Walking Without?

Walking poles have so many benefits, it will be quite impossible to mention them all here today. However, we have picked out some of the main benefits, so you can determine if walking poles are the right choice for you or not.

Knee Protection

If you like walking, you may have encountered some knee pains along the way. Even though walking is healthy and the perfect exercise to keep yourself in shape, walking can cause quite an impact on the knees over time.

Walking poles have shown to provide protection against the impact that walking has on the knees - this is especially the case for those long walks downhill. So, if you have struggled with knee injuries in the past, a good set of walking poles might do the trick!

Increasing Your Walking Speed

Studies have also shown that walking poles can effectively increase your walking speed - this is usually the case during walking routes where carefulness is advised, such as going down a hill.

A Helping Hand

Do you often find yourself losing stamina and power when you walk up a hill? If so, a good set of walking poles could keep you going. Studies have shown that walking poles can increase your stamina and your power when walking up a hill, but also provide your arms and shoulders with a good workout too!

Added Safety

Hikers who often find themselves on uneven hiking trails might find a set of walking poles particularly useful. Walking poles can provide hikers with more stability on uneven ground and provide them with added balance.

Posture Improvement

Experienced hikers already know that an incorrect posture during hikes could lead to lower back pain, neck pain, and similar complaints. With walking poles, hikers can maintain the correct posture easier, subsequently avoid common aches and pains caused by incorrect movements.

Improving Your Endurance

If you are training to walk longer distances, walking poles could become your new best friend too. Walking poles can add to your overall endurance and reduce fatigue. In turn, they keep you walking for longer and enable you to get the most out of your walking workout.

Increased Calorie Burn

Anyone who is thinking of picking up walking to burn some extra kilograms could certainly benefit from a pair of walking poles too. Studies have shown that walking with walking poles increases the number of calories you burn during your hike - this because you do not only work the legs, but also the arms, shoulders, and neck.

Muscle Building

Believe it or not, walking poles could help you to build more arm, shoulder, and neck muscle. When you walk longer distances with the poles, your body must create more muscle to provide the required strength to complete your trip. Therefore, walking poles can be a solution for your muscle building goals.

Which Walking Poles Can I Obtain at Anaconda?

There are countless walking poles you can consider at Anaconda, since we offer an entire collection! We have suitable walking poles for beginners as well as experienced hikers, so we are sure you will find the perfect set in our range.

Do you have a question about the walking poles at Anaconda? Or could you use some help choosing the right ones? Get in touch with our team today for some assistance!



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