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Hiking Boots

Hiking boots are arguably the most important piece of gear an outdoors person needs. Whether you are an experienced hiker or weekend warrior, you will require comfortable and durable footwear that can handle tough conditions and a range of surfaces. The right hiking boots will support your feet and protect them from sprains, strains, knocks and sharp objects.

For the widest range of hiking boot options you should connect with Anaconda, the hiking and camping specialists. Choices include options for colour, style and materials to personalise your apparel and help your feet remain dry and safe from dangerous creatures. The best hiking boots are made by specialist manufacturers who focus on long-lasting durability without sacrificing comfort.

What are good hiking boots?

Good hiking boots keep the weather out while still allowing your feet to breathe. Although tough and hard-wearing, the best hiking boots provide superior comfort and flexibility for adapting to the shape of your feet without causing undue pain or blisters. However, you should test hiking boots in-store or around the house to ensure the fit is perfect. It's also advisable to go on a few short walks to wear them in before going on an extended trek through rugged countryside.

Your new hiking boots should sync with your hiking purpose and be the perfect fit. There are a dizzying array of options, from ultralight to heavy-duty mountaineering boots, and understanding what goes into the uppers, lowers, midsoles, outsoles and other boot features will help you narrow down your choices. There are a lot of hiking boot considerations to ponder for men, women and children, and here are just a few features worth considering.

  • Split leather and Gore-Tex for maximum durability and protection
  • Mid-height construction for extra ankle support and protection
  • Traction-enhanced outer sole for negotiating hills and uneven surfaces
  • Lightweight comfort for wearing on multi-day hikes
  • Mud guard, gusseted tongue, heel strap and protective toe cap

How to clean hiking boots?

Quality hiking boots are constructed to take mud, rocks and slippery trails in their stride. However, they should be cleaned after an extended hike to prolong their life. When boots flex, small particles of grit, dirt or sand can lodge into leather and fabric, with friction acting like sandpaper to wear the material down.

If your boots remain wet and muddy while stored, moisture will be sucked out of the leather, making your footwear less pliable and speeding up the aging process. Cleaning hiking boots is easily achieved with the assistance of a boot brush plus boot cleaner, saddle soap or mild dishwashing detergent. Here are some boot cleaning tips.

  • Check the manufacturers instructions for any specialised cleaning procedures
  • Don't use heavy detergents or bar soap as they can harm leather and boot membranes
  • To clean mould off hiking boots, use a mixture of 80% water and 20% vinegar
  • Never clean boots in a washing machine as it can damage the materials
  • Always rinse hiking boots with clean water after washing them

It's also advisable to keep outsoles clean to prevent you from carrying invasive plant or pest species from one area to another. For a fast clean, simply power-wash gunk and residue away.

Where to buy hiking boots?

This is the easy part. Anaconda is Australia's largest camping, hiking and outdoor gear specialist with an Australia-wide network of stores and a superior online purchasing experience. We stock major hiking boot brands including Merrell, Keen, Hi-Tec and Salomon to satisfy your outdoor adventure needs. Here are some great hiking boot options for men, women and kids.

Merrell Men's Vego Waterproof Mid Hiking Shoes: These hiking boots are the durable and comfortable solution for hiking on low level trails. Special features include M-Select Dry technology, waterproof and breathable materials and a gusseted tongue that stops dirt, sand, pebbles and water from getting inside.

Hi-Tec Altitude VI Men's Waterproof Hiking Boots: These boots are constructed for comfort, grip and durability. They offer water and dirt protection and are a favourite with hikers who require superior underfoot cushioning. Special features include a micro-fleece moisture wicking lining and a nylon fork shank for additional support and improved gait.

Salomon X Radiant GTX Women's Hiking Shoes: Salomon are the masters of creating lightweight hiking boots without compromising on durability. You will appreciate comfort and flexibility the moment you put them on, with plenty of grip and protection to keep you on the move for short walks or extended trekking.

Keen Women's Terradora Waterproof Low Hiking Shoes: If you are looking for a shoe versatile enough to wear on the trail and fashionable enough to wear around town, look no further. The lightweight mesh & synthetic upper provides durability for ascending hills, while special cushioning features make clambering downhill a breeze.

Hi-Tec Kid's Altitude Lite I WP Mid Hiking Shoes: These boots are designed for serious adventuring by utilising waterproof and stylish suede and a breathable upper. The steel shank provides sturdy support for traversing uneven terrain, while special i-shield technology repels dirt and water for additional comfort.

Keen Youth Targhee Mid Waterproof Hiking Shoes: The Keen brand is famous world-wide for hiking and trail footwear, and your kids can go all-out with these high performance boots. Available in colours popular with boys and girls and suitable for hiking, camping and everyday use, your kids will look and behave like genuine trailblazers.

Are hiking boots necessary?

Hiking boots are an essential component of health and safety while out in the wilds. Here are some style choices for making your purchasing decision easier.

  • Hiking shoes are generally low cut models with flexible midsoles for day hiking and ultra-light trekking.
  • Day hiking boots range from mid to high-cut and are ideal for day hikes and short trips with a backpack. They flex easily and require little time to break-in.
  • Backpacking boots incorporate special features for comfortable wear even while carrying heavier loads. The high cut provides excellent ankle support.

How to make hiking boots more comfortable?

The best hiking boot brands introduce a huge range of features for making your boots more comfortable. Here are a few additional tips for ensuring the perfect fit and optimum comfort in all weather conditions.

Spend some time in the boots: Take a stroll through the Anaconda store, walk up and down some stairs and an incline to experience the fit and balance.

Fill out the boots with a little wriggle room for toes: Make sure your feet don't feel pinched, your toes don't press against the end of the boots, and there is no unwanted space between your feet and the laces.

Wear appropriate socks: The type of socks you wear should match the type of hiking boot you purchase. Consider special hiking socks made from materials that reduce the occurrence of blisters.

Break your hiking boots in: Wear your boots around the house or around the block for a few days or weeks until they feel entirely comfortable, then head for the hiking trail.

If shopping online, consider a brand you have owned previously: Premium brand hiking boot manufacturers tend to consistently use similar materials and foot models, making it easier for you to purchase a hiking boot with a familiar fit and feel.

Whether you like to shop online or in-store, our wide range of hiking boots will tick all the right boxes. If you are a serious hiker or a newbie getting ready for action, there is no alternative to high quality hiking boots for enhancing the experience. If you are ready to get moving and put your best foot forward, be prepared to be inspired by the best hiking boots and outdoor footwear selections at Anaconda.



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