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Our stretcher bed range at Anaconda will give you the comfort and valuable floor space you desire. Browse our amazing collection of stretchers and beds now.

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Can I purchase stretchers and beds at Anaconda?

Yes, you can! If you're planning to go on a camping holiday but don't relish the idea of stretching out on the ground to sleep, a stretcher or camp bed is a must for a comfortable night's rest. Designed to let you sleep while staying clear of the ground, the stretchers from camping and hiking experts Spinifex and Coleman are available at Anaconda. Each of these stretchers are designed to be easily transported, set up and dismantled. Whether you are reluctant to sleep on the ground because the terrain is rocky, you dislike creepy crawlies, or your knees complain when you have to get down to or up off the ground, investing in a camp bed or stretcher is a great idea.

What types of stretcher bed are available?

Stretchers are available as single, extra-large single, double and bunk bed style, which means that you can get the right style and size for you and your family no matter how many people in your camping party. The double stretcher bed available at Anaconda measures 131 cm wide when put up, which is nearly the size of a standard double bed, and is able to carry weights of 100kg on each side of the bed, or 200 kg in total.

Kids and teenagers will enjoy the novelty of a bunk bed style stretcher and it will save valuable floor space in your tent too, just make sure you have enough head height to assemble the higher structure, and always take care by not putting young children in top bunks.

How do I use my stretcher bed?

Some stretcher beds come as just the bed, while others have a mattress included already. Most of them are supplied with their own carry bag and fold up or dismantle for easy transport. For extra comfort, you can add a sleeping mat or air mattress to your camp bed, but some people prefer to just add a sleeping bag, the choice is yours. Anaconda stocks a large range of sleeping mats as well as various styles of air mattress to choose from.

Where else can I use my stretcher bed?

Once you have purchased a stretcher bed, you'll be amazed at how many times it comes in useful on trips or around the house. You could use it to put up unexpected overnight guests, lend it to kids who are going to university, or use for sleepovers for the kids, to put up in the garden during sunny days, or for kids who are home sick from school, the possibilities are endless!



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