Designed to withstand tough Australian conditions, browse the Dune 4WD range exclusive to Anaconda. Shop Dune 4WD swags, tents, rooftop tents, fridges & more.

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Elevate Your 4wd Camping Adventure With Dune - Exclusive to Anaconda

Dune tents and Dune 4WD camping gear are designed and built to last, with innovations including self-inflating foam mattresses, strong ripstop materials, deluxe sleeping bags and innovative rooftop tent designs that boast spacious sleeping capacities. With Dune 4WD you can find everything you need for a comfortable and safe camping experience at amazing prices! The Dune range is designed for adventure and to withstand Australian conditions. You can't go past Dune for low prices and great products to elevate your adventure.

What Can I Find In The Dune Range From Anaconda?

With robust and resilient 4WD gear, camping gear and all the essentials, Dune 4WD has everything that you could possibly need for your off-road adventure. Explore the following essentials in the Dune 4WD range:

  • Dune 4WD Tents: Find swags, rooftop tents, stretcher tents, awnings and more. You'll find the best solution for your adventure needs from the Dune range.
  • Dune 4WD Sleeping Essentials: Discover 4WD mats, inflatable mattresses, airbeds, sleeping bags and camping beds in the amazing value Dune range.
  • Dune 4WD Equipment: Discover must-have 4WD recovery equipment, recovery boards, jerry cans, driving lights, jumper leads and storage boxes are just some of the off-road essentials you can find in the 4WD range.
  • Dune 4WD Camping Furniture: Make your camping and caravanning experience comfortable with camping chairs, camping lounge recliners, stools and more in the camping furniture range.
  • Dune 4WD Awnings and Gazebos: Maximise your space and protection from the elements with low priced 4WD awnings and gazebos by Dune. The range is perfect for campaign, picnics, beach use and more.

Dune 4WD Products FAQS

How to inflate a Dune 4WD mat?

Inflation of your Dune 4WD mattress is easy. Designed to self-inflate, Dune mats and mattresses feature a 2-valve system for quick inflation.

Tip: For the initial inflation process allow 24 to 48 hrs with first use due to the vacuum seal.

How to deflate a Dune 4WD mat?

Deflating your mat is also simple. Release the required valve and if required, roll the mattress to speed up the process.

How to install a Dune 4WD awning?

Having an awning makes your camping experience so much more comfortable! You can find some great tips, tricks and instructions in our handy guide on how to install a 4WD awning here.

Should I get the Dune 4WD swag?

The Dune 4WD swag range is one of the most popular swags in the Australian market. Loaded with features all for a low price, Dune 4WD swags are essential for those looking for a versatile camping solution. For more information, check out the Dune 4WD Swag Review here.

Discover Dune 4wd & Camping Essentials At Anaconda

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