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Some Fishing Rod Basics

The first step to fishing is understanding the basic parts that make up the rod. Starting from the bottom you have the handle or grip which is normally made from cork or foam - this is where most of the action happens and Starting from the bottom or butt-end of the rod moving up, the first thing you will encounter is the handle or grip, usually made from cork or foam. This is the business end of the shaft, and you will hold it for casting and retrieving.

Every fishing rod is a balance between flexibility and strength. Stronger rods can hold heavier lures but will not be as sensitive when a fish strikes gently or may not flex enough for lightweight line whilst lighter more sensitive flexible rods may not have the strength to fight bigger fish.

Rod length is another important factor - Shorter rods have more power for fighting bigger fish and are more often used for trolling whereas longer rods can cast the line further and include fishing rods such as surf fishing rods and fly fishing rod. These can be as long as 14 feet and normally come in multiple pieces. Most rods average around 6-7 feet and this is probably a good length for someone new to fishing.

Different Types of Fishing Rods

Wow, there are so many types of fishing rods that it can seem all too confusing to choose one and get into fishing. Perhaps it may even all look to complicated to even consider fishing in the first place. But never fear, like many things in life, people over complicate what is in essence a very simple, rewarding and meditative activity. Yes there are many types of rods including river and lake fishing rods, surf fishing rods, rock fishing rods, spinning fishing rods, travel fishing rods, telescopic fishing rods, spin boat fishing rods, overhead boat fishing rods, jigging boat fishing rods, game fish boat fishing rods, soft plastic and hard body lure rods, GT popper fishing rods, squid fishing rods, fly fishing rods and more but don't fret! Depending on the type of fishing you are doing mostly our team at Anaconda will ensure you have the equipment you need to get going!

Tips for Choosing the Best Fishing Rod for you

Getting the right fishing rod is dependent on the type of fishing you plan to do. The right gear for fishing deep sea fish will be very different to catching barramundi in estuaries. If you know exactly the type of fishing you want to do the best approach is talk to our expert team members at Anaconda and they will point you in the right direction and select the rod that will get you the best results. Alternatively you can ask your fishing buddies for their recommendations. Ideally you would visit a store nearest to the location where you plan on fishing as local knowledge is priceless.

If you aren't sure what kind of fish you want to fish for then a good all-rounder rod and reel combo will be a good purchase for you. This combo should be able to handle small fish up to larger sizes too, and whilst it may not be perfect it may just be the best way to get into fishing.

For your first fishing outfit we recommend a 6-7 foot, medium-light action, two-piece graphite rod and a medium-light spinning reel filled with quality 8 pound test monofilament line (get a reel that comes with a spare spool).

You will also need a selection of quality hooks in varying sizes, assorted ball-bearing swivels and snaps, split shot and some egg sinkers, spinners as well as pencil floats in assorted sizes. You will need a tackle box and it may be worthwhile investing in a fishing vest which makes things much more accessible. A pair of polarised sunglasses to protect your eye from the glare, which is amplified on the water.

In order to maximise the effectiveness and efficiency of your rod and reel make sure that you find an outfit that is well balanced. One easy way of ensuring a balanced fishing outfit whilst also saving money is to grab one of Anaconda's many great rod and reel fishing combos.



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