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Enjoy Cosy Comfort With Warming Men's Fleece Clothing

Fleece is appreciated by campers, hikers, trekkers, boaties and anyone who likes to make the most of the great outdoors. At Anaconda, our range of men's fleece garments includes hooded jackets, tops, gloves, pants, beanies, balaclavas and even fleece booties. When it comes to jackets, you can find polar fleece jackets and soft shell jackets, offering comfy and luxuriant insulation for a range of activities. Whether you're looking for the fleece to counter the chill on an early morning commute or more heavy-duty options for a snow adventure, you can discover it all at Anaconda!

What Are The Advantages of Fleece Garments?

Fleece is an ideal material for the cooler winter months, or for colder climates in general. The lightweight construction of fleece material makes it breathable, while the fuzzy and soft texture adds warmth and comfort. If you're visiting the snow, men's fleece garments can be worn as a mid-layer between down or synthetic fibre outer layers and moisture-wicking base layers like men's thermals. Fleece is also great in cool to mild weather where soft and light pullovers are the right choice.

Men's Fleece FAQ

What is fleece?

A synthetic material typically composed of polyester fibres, fleece is a soft and comfortable textile with a plush surface texture. The fibres are knitted or woven with a lightweight construction and then brushed to add volume to create a fuzzy texture that adds superior warmth and insulation when worn on the body. Fleece doesn't block humidity and is fast drying, making it a popular material for campers, trekkers and holidaymakers. It's also less scratchy than other warming fibres like wool, and less likely to lead to itchy or irritated skin.

How to wash a fleece jacket

Fleece jackets and other fleece garments are generally easy to care for. Here are some tips for laundering your fleece jackets:

  • Remove any lint with a lint roller before washing
  • Turn the garment inside out to prevent over-agitating the soft, napped surface
  • Use a cool washing temperature and a delicate machine cycle
  • Launder fleece separately from other clothing to avoid any lint or fibres getting onto other garments
  • If the fleece looks a little matted after washing, you can use a dampened soft bristle brush to fluff up the surface

Always remember to check the care label before washing for any special manufacturer's instructions! It's also good to keep in mind that fleece items won't need frequent laundering as they're typically worn in between layers and not directly against your body.

Is fleece clothing windproof and waterproof?

The synthetic fibres used in fleece garments are inherently resistant to absorbing moisture but are not completely waterproof unless special treatments are applied or extra layers are integrated into the design. You can find both windproof and waterproof fleece garments in Anaconda's range of men's fleece - softshell fleece jackets are a great example, many of which include windproof membranes and water-repellent finishes. Look for garments that feature close-fitting cuffs to minimise the breeze sneaking its way into your layers for a more cosy experience!

What Other Men's Clothing Can I Find In Anaconda's Range?

Anaconda has a huge range of men's clothing for any occasion, season, or adventure! Here are just some of the practical clothing options you can find:

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  • Men's Pants: Whether you're looking for hiking pants or some casual cargo pants, we have it all at Anaconda!
  • Men's Clothing Accessories: Shop for socks, gloves, hats, scarves, goggles and sunglasses to suit complement any outfit or outdoor activity.
  • Men's Swimwear & Surf: From swimsuits to water shorts, you can find everything you need for your next adventure on the waves.

Brave The Elements With Men's Fleece & Clothing From Anaconda

Whether you're looking for a lightweight fleece top for extra insulation, or a windproof and waterproof jacket to combat extreme conditions, you can find it all in our selection of men's fleece clothing at Anaconda. Enjoy the convenience of online shopping where you can choose from home delivery or click & collect options for your order, or pay a visit to your local store where our team are always happy to help you find everything you need for your adventure. Be sure to sign up to our Adventure Club for exclusive membership benefits, and check out our awesome Adventure Centre articles for great info on camping & hiking, snow, fishing adventures and more!



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