Born in the Italian mountains, Zamberlan handmade artisanal hikers are built to the highest possible quality. Waterproof & breathable, for life at any altitude.

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All the way back in 1929 in Italy, the Zamberlan company set out to become the dominant name in the footwear industry when it comes to high-quality and premium hiking shoes. Since then, three generations of the Zamberlan family have forged their way to become one of the most iconic, well-known and trusted names in the footwear industry. And with a great selection of men's and women's Zamberlan boots, Anaconda is your one-stop destination for all things Zamberlan.

Why Choose Zamberlan Hiking Boots At Anaconda?

One of the biggest factors that heavily contribute to the worldwide popularity of Zamberlan hiking boots is the brand's meticulous construction methods. Their unique GORE-TEX® Bootee construction ensures that each pair of Zamberlan shoes you purchase from Anaconda is not only fully waterproof but also breathable as well. Their signature GTX® lining also guarantees long-time protection, comfort and resistance during long hikes.

When you need a strong pair of hiking boots when trekking through the tough, and often unpredictable Australian terrain, our range of Zamberlan boots have you covered. For example, our Zamberlan Men's 1996 Vioz Lux GTX RR Boots are packed with features such as an exclusive Zamberlan Vibram 3D outsole that provides excellent grip when hiking up and down inclines while offering superb downhill braking.

Zamberlan FAQs

Are Zamberlan boots any good?

Yes, Zamberlan boots ARE that good. These Italian-made hiking boots are one of the most highly sought-after boots throughout the outdoor footwear industry. This is because every pair of Zamberlan boots and shoes are made with meticulous craftsmanship, the best materials and finished with an incredibly stylish design.

Where is Zamberlan made?

Ever since Zamberlan first started making hiking boots in 1929, they have been proudly manufactured in their factory in Pievebelvicino di Torrebelvicino in Italy. Because of this, Zamberlan has been able to keep a close eye over their entire production lines, ensuring that each pair of hiking boots has their official seal of approval and meets their incredibly high standards.

Are Zamberlan boots good for wide feet?

Yes, Zamberlan hiking boots are good for wide feet. In fact, many of their boot models come in both regular and wide widths, ensuring that every hiker can find their perfect fit. For more information, refer to each product's sizing chart on the Anaconda website.

Are Zamberlan boots good for winter?

Yes, our range of Zamberlan shoes are perfect for hiking in winter. With their unique GORE-TEX® lining, Zamberlan boots provide excellent thermal insulation to keep your feet warm during freezing cold weather - while also allowing your feet to breathe. They also provide superior grip on slippery surfaces like ice and loose terrain.

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Anaconda partners with world-leading outdoor clothing and footwear brands, making Zamberlan boots and shoes a win-win situation for Australians. When well-known brand names and Australia's leading camping, hiking and outdoor specialist get together anything is possible, and the customers are the big winners. Take advantage of Anaconda online and in-store deals. We offer the lowest price guarantee on all products, fast checkout, delivery tracking and a comprehensive returns and exchanges policy. With reach Australia-wide and a team of industry experts on our side, Anaconda is ready to assist with all your travel and outdoor needs.

Shop our entire range of Zamberlan boots including Zamberlan shoes, Zamberlan hiking boots, Zamberlan climbing shoes and more online or visit us in-store today, as well as our entire range of hiking accessories, hydration packs and hiking tents. And for helpful tips such as How To Clean Hiking Boots and our Hiking Footwear Buying Guide, check out our Adventure Centre.



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