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From short walks to an extended hiking journey, Anaconda has got all the trekking & hiking accessories you'll need! Shop our accessories online or in-store.

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Can I purchase hiking accessories at Anaconda?

Hiking and outdoor accessories are an Anaconda specialty. We have everything you need for short walks, extended journeys into the wilderness, and everywhere in between. Hiking is more popular than ever, and our Anaconda accessories will ensure you keep up with the trekking party instead of lagging behind while lugging a cumbersome pack and weighty extras. Whether your style is camping or glamping, there is nothing more enjoyable than striking out into unknown territory to appreciate the beauty of nature, but there are a few essential accessories every hiker needs to ensure a great time and a safe return.

What type of hiking accessories should I consider?

Experienced hikers are always ready for their next journey and equipped with all they need. For anyone else, it's wise to make a list of all the essentials required to make sure you are prepared for the unexpected. Anaconda hiking gear and accessories cover all bases, with tents, sleeping bags, backpacks, torches, waterproof gear and more to guarantee you have a safe and enjoyable journey. You may have to make do without a few home comforts, but with Anaconda on your side, the sacrifice will be well worth it when you wake up to the sound of birdsong and stunning vistas as far as the eye can see.

What are some absolutely essential hiking accessories?

The most commonly experienced hiking misfortunes are getting lost and running out of clean drinking water. In theory, it seems easy just to stay on the designated trail or hike near pristine waterways, but you only have to venture a few metres off the main track before disorientation can take over. Anaconda is all about safety as well as adventure, so we stock high-quality hiking accessories including compasses to make sure you head in the right direction, plus specially designed hydro bladders to keep you hydrated and orientated at all times. Our compasses include prestigious Silva models purpose-designed for serious hikers, while our hydro bladders are among the best BlackWolf accessories available.

What are the benefits of a Silva Compass for hiking?

The Silva Ranger SL Compass is feature-rich and innovative. It includes a built-in sun dial, sapphire jewel friction-free needle movement, luminous markings for navigating at night, and scale measurements in mm and inches for accurate map reading. This versatile compass can even be pinned to your jacket for hands-free hiking wherever you are. Other Silva compass models at Anaconda include the Field Compass, a perfect entry level compass for those new to hiking, and the Ranger Compass complete with magnifying lens and detachable lanyard for comfortable, convenient use.

What are the benefits of a BlackWolf Hiking Bladder?

Fresh water supply is absolutely essential on any camping or hiking trip. It's simply not worth risking keeping precious water in a container that is easily broken or with a loose-fitting lid. BlackWolf Hiking Bladders, with 2 litre or 3 litre water storage are the answer for a lot of good reasons, including:

  • Made from incredibly durable metallocene, free from BPA and PVC materials
  • Anti-microbial treated components to eliminate bacteria and mould
  • Water capacity lines to ensure you know how much water you have remaining
  • Articulated bit valve with magnetic slider
  • One-handed on/off action for hydration while on the move
  • BlackWolf product with a limited lifetime warranty

What other hiking accessories should I consider?

Check out the full Anaconda range and you will find everything you need. Every serious hiker requires a quality multi-tool kit, watertight storage containers, and a safety whistle for contacting other members of your group should you become separated. Anaconda multifunctional hiking accessories include the Jarvis Marine 5 Function Safety Whistle that includes a compass, signal mirror, waterproof capsule and match striker. Other considerations include waterproof map and phone cases and walking poles for comfortable trekking on all surfaces. Anaconda are hiking specialists carrying every accessory to make your trek safe and extremely satisfying.



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