Always know where you are and where you are going with our range of Hema maps and satnavs. Hema is an Australian based company that are experts in navigating the Aussie outback and bush, helping you to stay safe when you are out and about. For great deals on these fantastically detailed maps and satnavs, shop online or in one of Anaconda's thirty-five nationwide stores today.

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Why Choose Hema Maps?

There are a huge number of reasons for choosing Hema maps. Hema are dedicated map makers, with Australia the focus. A great example of comprehensive and easily-navigated Hema maps is the Hema Where To Camp Guide Australia (Multicoloured). The Where To Camp Guide includes more than 5,500 indexed sites, split into 75 regions. Helpful features include site information, facilities, budget sites, dump and recycling locations and loads of regional travel tips.

What Type of Drivers Use Hema Maps?

Anyone who spends a lot of time behind the wheel understands the value of high quality maps that are carried along for the ride. Hema maps are sturdily manufactured with hard-wearing materials, and are conveniently stored in a car seat pocket, door pouch or glove compartment. Hema maps are ready whenever required with detailed information related to regional and national travel anywhere around Australia. Hema maps include:

  • 4WD tracks
  • Fuel stops and service centres
  • National Parks
  • Caravan and camping areas
  • Rest areas and points of interest
  • Road distances
  • Fully indexed categories

Does Hema Have 4WD Maps?

If you like to get off the beaten track and have the road all to yourself, the Hema 4WD Adventures Book (Multicoloured) will surely appeal. From cover to cover, this comprehensive 4WD guide is jam-packed with useful information. The 4WD Adventures Book is a real favourite, showcasing 100 4WD trips from 19 Australian regions, with detailed inset maps.

This is an innovative map layout designed for ease of navigation, and the Adventures Book even includes track grading according to vehicle type, track elevation profiles and other important information for daring drivers. 4WD vehicles are purpose-built for accessing out-of-the-way tracks and trails that no-one else can reach, and only the best Hema 4WD map should be carried with you as a trusty guide.

Does Hema Have A General-Purpose Australian Road Atlas?

The Hema map collection available at Anaconda includes an Australian Road Atlas with spiral binding, strong plastic and paper manufacture, and information about campsites, caravan parks, rest areas, fuel stops, points of interest and a whole lot more. The 12th Edition Hema Australia Handy Road & 4WD Atlas (Multicoloured) is an extremely useful and popular choice for mapping all of Australia in one unit, weighing only 1.34 kg and at an unbeatable Anaconda price. As a map maker of highest quality, Hema is consistently evolving and improving, with easy to read cartographic style. One thing is certain, this Handy Road & 4WD Atlas is guaranteed to get your adventurous juices flowing, courtesy of Anaconda.

What Other Hema Maps Does Anaconda Have?

If you are specifically looking for touring, driving, camping and 4WD maps, you have come to the right place at Anaconda. Hema Australian State maps provide all-round assistance with easy-to-understand multicoloured maps and index. Hema maps will have you on the road and headed for fun in no time.

Additional regional locations include Cape York, Fraser Island, The Victorian High Country, The Kimberly, South East Queensland and more. Hema are mapping specialists who move with the times, from hard-copy maps to the Hema GPS Navigation System that will help you plot any course around Australia, all available at Anaconda, online and in-store.



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