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Not just limited to camping or 4WD adventures, Roof racks come in a heap of shapes and sizes and can be fixed to the roof of almost any vehicle. A roof rack simply adds an extra element of loading and storage capability to your vehicle, whatever you use it for. Anaconda also has storage baskets, fitting kits and tie down straps to use with your roof racks so you can safely secure your load. Whether you're a seasoned 4WD adventurer or just want to safely transport your surfboard to the beach you can find it all in Anaconda's range of 4WD roof racks and roof bars.

What Can I Carry On Roof Racks??

While roof racks are incredibly versatile and are perfect for transporting bulky and large items that may not fit in your car boot or back seat. Swags, kayaks, surfboards, fishing rods and the like are ideal items to carry on your roof racks. The amount of gear you can carry will vary according to the kind of roof racks you choose and your vehicle's carrying capacity. At Anaconda we have soft roof racks, heavy duty roof racks, bike roof racks and roof racks especially designed for kayaks and SUPs.

Roof Racks FAQs

How to install roof racks

The method of installing roof racks will depend on whether or not your car or 4WD has existing crossbars. These raised rails are what the roof racks will connect to. Once crossbars are in place, installation is straightforward. Assemble the rack on the ground if assembly is required, then hoist it onto the crossbars and secure as per manufacturer's instructions.

What roof racks fit my car?

Nearly all cars and 4WDs will be able to accommodate roof racks. Just check your vehicle manual and the roof racks you plan on buying to make sure they're compatible before making a purchase.

How do I secure loads to my roof racks?

If you're wondering how to use roof racks, it's important to remember that the amount of gear you can carry varies according to the kind of roof racks you choose and your vehicle's carrying capacity. You'll also need to use tie down straps, preferably with adjustable buckles. Whether you want to know how to tie a kayak to roof racks or need to secure your tents sways, here are a few simple steps to follow:

  • Place your loads side by side and close together. If you're strapping bags to your roof racks, make sure bag straps are neatly tucked away to create a compact package.
  • Evenly balance your gear, making sure weight is distributed and that the ends extend beyond the cross bars by at least 20 cm.
  • Place the straps over the top of the load from one end of your vehicle to the other. Make sure the buckle remains accessible and there's enough room to tighten.
  • Loop the strap around the underside of the cross bar then toss it back over your load to meet the buckle. Loop again around the crossbar, then thread through the buckle and tighten.
  • Wrap the excess strap around the cross bar to shorten, and tie off to secure. Repeat this process for each bar.
  • Ensure your gear is secure by giving it a good shake. You should also check the load again after 10km, and at every roadside stop.


Roof racks add a whole new dimension of versatility and carrying capacity to your vehicle. If you're not sure which roof racks are best for you, our informative Roof Racks Buying Guide covers everything you need to know. Shop the range of racks and accessories online with Anaconda, where you can opt to click & collect your order or have it home delivered. Alternatively, head into your nearest Anaconda store and explore the range in person. Anaconda Adventure Club members can access exclusive sales prices and benefits, so sign up today if you're not a member!



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