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Get ready to hit the road with our range of roof racks. Whether you’re looking for extra storage space for your next off-road adventure, a mount for your SUP or kayak, or some roof rack accessories for your existing setup, Anaconda has you covered.

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Why use a roof rack?

Most 4X4s that are used for travelling or camping will want a roof rack setup of some description for carrying camping gear and providing extra room inside. But roof racks aren't just great 4WD accessories, they come in a heap of shapes and sizes and can be fixed to the roof of almost any vehicle. From transporting a kayak, SUP or surfboard to tradie supplies and more, a roof rack simply adds an extra element of loading and storage capability to your vehicle, whatever you use it for.

Roof racks come in many different configurations such as baskets and rails, so it's a good idea to think about the kinds of equipment you plan to be carrying before you make a purchase. You'll also need to think about how much weight you want to carry. To work out your carrying capacity you'll need to look at the rack weight, as well as your roof weight and the total amount of weight your vehicle can carry (vehicle payload) which can be found in your vehicle manual.

What else should I know about car roof racks?

If you've never used roof racks before, it's likely you have a whole lot of questions about how to use them and how to make sure they're safe. Let's take a look at some common questions.

What can I carry on my roof racks?

While roof racks are incredibly versatile, the best items to carry are bulky and large but not too heavy. Swags, kayaks, surfboards, fishing rods and the like are ideal items to carry on your roof racks. The amount of gear you can carry will vary according to the kind of roof racks you choose and your vehicle's carrying capacity.

How do I secure my load?

Before you go anywhere with your roof racks, it's imperative you know how to secure your load. There is a wide range of load restraints available at Anaconda. If you're not sure how to tie down your load, drop into an Anaconda store and chat to one of our team members.

Can roof racks fit on any car?

Nearly all cars and 4WDs will be able to accommodate roof racks. Just check your vehicle manual and the roof racks you plan on buying to make sure they're compatible before making a purchase.

Find the Right Car Roof Racks and Accessories at Anaconda

Roof racks add a whole new dimension of versatility and carrying capacity to your vehicle. If you're not sure which roof racks are best for you, check out our Roof Racks Buying Guide for all the info you need.

If you'd like to see the range in person or chat to one of our friendly team members, take a look at our store finder to find an Anaconda store near you.



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