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It's always good to add a cosy glow to your tent or caravan when camping as night falls. Explore Anaconda's range of camping lanterns & lamps online today!

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Light Up Your Tent & Campsite With Portable Lanterns From Anaconda

Lanterns are an essential part of your camping or hiking gear. Good lighting both inside and outside is essential, especially if you are in unfamiliar surroundings or sharing a small space with several other people. Lanterns can add functional bright light to carry out tasks or add warm, ambient light to create a cosy atmosphere in the evenings. They can also help you find your way to other parts of the campsite, or come on when people approach your tent, caravan or vehicle. Shop battery powered and rechargeable lanterns for camping at Anaconda.

What Types Of Camping Lanterns Can I Find in Anaconda's Range?

At Anaconda, we stock lanterns made by leading brands including Coleman, Dorcy, Tactical, Dune and others, which have been specifically designed to be used in outdoor conditions and which will offer you many hours of light. You can find camp lights and tent lanterns with a range of light settings, and come in both hanging and standing options for extra versatility. Popular choices include:

  • Rechargeable lanterns with power banks
  • Compact camping lanterns
  • Hanging tent lanterns

Lanterns FAQs

How to choose the right camping lantern

When it comes to finding the best camping lantern, you'll need to consider how you'll be using the lighting, its brightness and the power source it uses. Find out everything you need to know about lighting the way on your next camping trip with Anaconda's comprehensive camp lighting buying guide!

What brightness do I need from my camping lantern?

The brightness of a light is measured in lumens. At Anaconda you can find camping lanterns ranging from 100 Lumen all the way up to 3000 Lumen. As a general rule, a lantern with a lumen rating of 100-200 is sufficient to light up the inside of a tent - and you'll want something a little dimmer to use as a nightlight. Opt for brighter lanterns if you need to light up a whole campsite or if you're exploring a large area and need to illuminate a wider space.

What Other Kinds Of Lighting Gear Does Anaconda Stock?

As well as lanterns, don't forget that Anaconda has many other types of camp lighting including camping torches, headlamps and 4WD driving lights & light bars in a large range of designs, sizes, prices and with different power options.

Shop Essential Camping Lanterns & Lights At Anaconda

Discover a wide range of lanterns at Anaconda that are ideal for use on camping or hiking trips, or for illuminating outside areas such as gardens and patios. With everything from romantic lantern light to functional illumination in a range of power sources, you can find the right lantern for your needs at Anaconda. Shop the complete selection in-store, or choose to make your purchases online and where you can click & collect your order or have it home delivered. Explore our Camping & Hiking Adventure Centre articles to inspire your next camping trip, and sign up to Anaconda's Adventure Club for Club discounts and more!



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