Lure Wallets

Keep all your jigs, lures and other tackle easily organised and close to hand with our great range of lure and tackle wallets here at Anaconda. Compact, easy to transport and designed for quick access, our lure storage boxes and wallets can accommodate all kinds of jigs, lures and tackle. Made by Shimano, a trusted brand in the fishing world, our range of tackle and lure wallets is available in various sizes as well as cases that will hold a number of wallets for the dedicated angler.

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Lure and Tackle Wallets for the Minimalist Angler

Whether you're new to fishing or are already an experienced angler, you'll need a way to safely store your ever growing collection of fishing lures, jigs and other fishing tackle. Here at Anaconda we sell high quality Lure Wallets and Tackle Wallets made by Shimano, one of biggest and most trusted brands in fishing.

Lure and tackle wallets are much smaller than a tackle box and are designed to carry only your most essential gear. These portable and lightweight storage solutions are ideal for the highly mobile angler who is always on the move and finding new spots to cast a line. All you'll need is your rod and reel, and a lure wallet filled with your favourite lures, soft plastics, scents and other lure accessories, and you're all set for a fantastic day of fishing.

Properly designed lure wallets and tackle wallets keep all your lures stored snugly in place. Lures and baits stored in hard plastic boxes can easily get beaten up and end up with the paint scratched off from all the shaking and moving around it endures while being stored in their little plastic compartments. And with the high prices some lures can go for, taking steps to keep them in great condition will ensure that you'll be able to enjoy using your best lures for a very long time.

Lure Wallets

The Shimano Lure Wallet is about as big as a regular glossy magazine, making it very easy to store and carry. When fully unzipped, you get a number of zip lock sleeves that are attached via ring binders on the spine. The clear sleeves are large enough to store different types of plastic bait and allow you to easily leaf through your soft plastic collection. The interior of the lure wallet is also lined with several zippered storage compartments for your hard baits, scents and other small fishing accessories. It also has a large zippered compartment on the outside cover.

This lure wallet is made from hardwearing 420D polyester fabric and uses non-corrosive nylon zippers to keep the metal parts of your lures from rusting out while in storage. The durable polyester fabric is very water resistant and can even be hosed off with water to get rid of the slime and odours that your fishing gear will pick up along the way.

Jig Wallets

The Shimano Egi Case can safely hold up to 12 of your favourite jigs. The case itself is made out of the same polyester fabric used in other Shimano lure wallets, making it very durable and water resistant. It features a clear plastic cover that lets you easily see all the jigs stored inside. Inside the case, there's a groove lined EVA pad to keep your jigs secured in place. It is also large enough to carry both short and long jigs.

Tackle Wallets

If you're looking to easily carry a larger assortment of fishing tackle in a very compact form factor, the Shimano Tackle Wallet combines the versatility of plastic tackle boxes with the portability of a lure wallet.

Each side of the case has a large zippered compartment. One side holds a small plastic tackle box, which can be used to hold all your hard baits and other essential fishing tackle. The other side has ten plastic zip lock sleeves attached to two metal rings, which can be used like a regular lure wallet to hold your soft plastic lures. Aside from the plastic tackle box and plastic sleeves, the Shimano Tackle Wallet also has several large zippered storage compartments to safely store the rest of your fishing gear.

When everything is zipped up, the tackle wallet is closed shut into a very compact package using hook and loop fasteners. The wide padded handle lets you easily carry the tackle wallet from one fishing spot to the next.



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