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Anaconda’s exciting range of functional camper trailers & hybrid campers are built for adventure. Shop the range online and at selected stores today!

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Get Ready for Adventure With Camper Trailers & Hybrid Campers From Anaconda

Anaconda's high-quality camper trailers and hybrid campers are packed full of impressive features. The range includes rooftop camper trailers, offroad campers and hybrid caravans that will make any adventure a comfortable experience. With all the essentials needed to go off-grid, our camper trailers and hybrid campers are created with dedicated explorers in mind who don't want to compromise on life's luxuries.

What features do Anaconda's camper trailers include?

Camper trailers and hybrid campers from Austrack Campers are jam-packed full of features that will make them your "home away from home". Here are just some of the mod-cons you can find in our range:

  • Mounted Air Conditioner: Beat the heat while you travel the outback in style!
  • Bluetooth Stereo System: Listen to your favourite tunes with your own adventure soundtrack.
  • Truma Ultrarapid 14L Gas/Electric Hot Water System: Just because you are camping off-road, doesn't mean you need to miss out on a hot shower at the end of the day.
  • 400 Watt Roof Mounted Solar Panels: Have peace of mind knowing that you'll always have backup power ready to go.
  • Waterproof Awning: Don't let the rain ruin your fun the next time it starts pouring down.
  • Internal Kitchen: Create delicious meals while protected from the elements.
  • Luxury Inner Pocket Spring Bed: Provides a comfortable night of sleep and the perfect excuse to stay a little longer!

Each of our product listings has detailed lists of the individual features, benefits and inclusions that come with our camper trailers & hybrid campers. You can also find detailed specifications and Product Manuals for each camper trailer in the range.

Camper Trailers & Hybrid Campers FAQs

What is a hybrid camper trailer?

Hybrid camper trailers are a blend between a caravan and camper trailer. With features from traditional hard-shell travel trailers and soft-shell, tent-style camper trailers, these typically have a narrow body (around the width of a 4WD) which makes them easy to navigate across the Australian outback.

What is the best hybrid camper trailer for my adventure?

Selecting the best camper trailer or hybrid camper will come down to your individual needs, how long you'll be off-grid, and what features and inclusions you would like to benefit from on your journey.

What are the benefits of hybrid camper trailers?

With a hybrid camper trailer you won't be limited by having to find a camping ground with the facilities you need. You'll be equipped with everything you need to create your own adventure in comfort, style and a great degree of luxury!

What Other Camping, Caravaning & 4wd Equipment is Available at Anaconda?

  • Towing: From towing kits and mirrors to clips, locks, covers, jockey wheels and more, everything you need can be found in our towing range.
  • 4WD: Whether you need a control box, clip-on table, tyre repair kit, deflator, recovery boards or more, it's all here in our massive 4WD range.
  • Camping & Hiking: From swags, tents and sleeping bags to clothing, backpacks, first aid kits and everything in between, our entire camping and hiking range has you covered.
  • Communication & Navigation: Our huge communication and navigation range has everything including radio packs, GPS navigators, satellite communicators, marine radios and much more.

Find the Right Camper Trailers & Hybrid Campers at Anaconda

Shop our entire range of camper trailers for sale including hybrid campers, off-road camper trailers, rooftop camper trailers and more online. Hybrid camper trailers are available for order from Cambridge, Chullora, Everton Park, Maroochydore, Mile End & West Burleigh stores, where you can speak with our knowledgeable team members about this fantastic selection of premium products.

At our Chullora Adventure HQ store you can find everything you could ever imagine for your next adventure under one roof, including our range of Austrack Campers. You can also find great information and inspiration for anything Camping & Hiking with our Adventure Centre articles!



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