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Whether it is hiking or skiing, our range of men's socks at Anaconda is made for the outdoors. Shop men's socks online for your next adventure now.

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Discover The Best Range Of Men's Socks At Anaconda

When it comes to men's clothing, it's all too easy to overlook men's socks when you're preparing for a hike, ski, trail run or cycling adventure. But the humble sock has a huge impact on your overall comfort when you're getting active for extended periods. Anaconda's range of men's socks and sports socks are perfect for activities such as hiking, skiing and cycling, and are made from technical fabrics that allow for thermal regulation and breathability. Our range of wool socks for men will also wick moisture away and keep your feet dry and comfortable all day long. Featuring reinforced cushioning where it's needed and elasticised zones to prevent slippage and bunching, our range of men's socks, sports socks, men's ski socks and wool socks for men will keep your feet comfortable when it matters most.

Our fabulous range of men's socks features many well-known brands such as Mountain Designs, XTM, Injinji and many more. Our range is also made of out some of the best high-quality materials, such as our Merino socks for men which are made out of 100% Merino wool that will keep your feet dry, warm and comfortable all day long. Whether you are after sports socks, wool socks for men, ski socks or more, you will find everything you need in our awesome range of men's socks at Anaconda.

What Else Can I Find In The Men's Clothing Range?

  • Men's Shirts & Tops: Stay cool, comfortable and protected from the sun with our range of men's shirts and tops from brands like The North Face, Mountain Designs and Penn.
  • Men's Pants & Shorts: Our range of men's pants and shorts provide a full range of motion, so you'll be free to enjoy the great outdoors, whether you're headed to the beach or the hiking trail.
  • Men's Thermals: Layer up and stay warm in even the coldest climates with our range of men's thermals. Thermal clothing is designed specifically to form the insulating base layer that traps your body heat to keep you warm.
  • Men's Jackets: Versatile, warm and packable, our huge range of men's jackets, down-insulated jackets and outerwear will keep you comfortable as you brave the cold, no matter what you're doing.
  • Men's Rainwear: Don't let a bit of wet weather get in your way. Browse our range of men's rainwear to ensure you stay dry in any condition.
  • Men's Snow Gear: Having the right snow gear is an absolute essential if you're headed to the slopes. Get layered up and ready to go with the range of men's snow gear and jackets at Anaconda.

Men's Socks FAQs

How to fold ankle socks?

If you want to learn how to easily fold your ankle socks, then follow these simple and easy steps:

  1. Flatten out your ankle socks so that they are laying right side down.
  2. Now identify where the natural pivot point is around the heel.
  3. Now pair the other matching sock together, making sure to layer one over the other.
  4. To finish, simply fold both socks at the ankle across from the pivot point in a way that the cuffs meet the toes.

How to wash wool socks

To easily wash your wool socks, start by turning your socks inside out. Now set your washing machine to the 'wool setting'. If your washing machine does not have this setting, then either wash them in cold water or set your washing machine to the delicate cycle. Also always remember to only use a gentle and mild detergent when washing wool socks for men.

How to pack socks for travel

Packing your socks for travelling could not be more simple. To pack them tightly and securely into your luggage, simply start by laying one sock on top of the other sock, then move the top sock down just a little bit. Now roll your socks up nice and tight, then use the elastic of the bottom sock to secure them. What you should be left with is a palm-sized roll that can easily fit into a backpack or luggage bag when travelling.

Why wear wool socks for hiking?

There are a few important reasons as to why you should wear wool socks when hiking. Apart from crucial factors such as increased comfort and additional levels of warmth if being worn in winter, the most important factor for always wearing wool socks for men when hiking is that wool will wick away moisture from your feet. Having dry feet throughout the day is absolutely critical when hiking.

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Check out our incredible range of men's socks including wool socks for men, sports socks, men's ski socks, Merino socks for men and so much more at Anaconda and make sure that you have the best gear for your next outdoor adventure! At Anaconda, we offer gift cards, Club deals, payment options and new arrivals that you won't be able to resist. Browse our entire men's clothing range including our range of men's clothing accessories and check out our Adventure Centre for helpful tips and exciting destinations such as Running & Walking In The Cooler Months.



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