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Can I Get Hiking Socks For My Next Hiking Trip?

Most people are aware of the existence of hiking shoes and boots, which provide added support and protection during your hike. However, not everyone is aware that the right kind of socks can provide a lot of support during a hike too. If you are curious about the benefits of hiking socks from Anaconda, be sure to read on.

Can Hiking Socks Provide Extra Cushioning For The Feet?

Just like hiking boots and shoes, hiking socks can provide some additional cushioning for the feet. When you are hiking, your feet are taking a considerable amount of punishment. Your feet and legs have to absorb a lot of shocks along the long, so having some extra cushioning on the feet can prove incredibly beneficial.

Hiking socks can come in different designs, this also means that the cushioning can be in different places. You can find additional cushioning around the ball of the foot and around the heel, these are the areas that are more susceptible to shock damage during your hike.

Should I Choose Warmer Or Cooler Socks For Hiking?

The types of socks you choose will be subject to the weather conditions you will be walking in. If you are hiking in warmer temperatures, then you should choose some lightweight socks with moisture-wicking abilities, this will keep your feet dry no matter how long you are walking. If you are walking in a colder environment, then you could choose some thicker socks. However, even in colder weather conditions, you still want socks that wick moisture away from the body. Hiking in colder weather does not mean you are immune to foot sweat, so moisture-wicking materials can certainly keep your feet dry.

If you prefer thinner socks for colder environments, you can still use them. While they do not provide enough protection against the cold on their own, you can always use some sock liners to increase their insulation abilities. In fact, a pair of liners can prove beneficial for changing weather conditions as well.

What Are The Benefits Of Sock Liners For Hiking?

Now that you are familiar with the different kinds of socks that can be worn during hikes, you should also be made aware of the benefits of sock liners. Sock liners have a lot of benefits, especially for people who walk for long periods of time.

A sock liner proves especially beneficial for those who are prone to blisters and chafing burns. By putting a sock liner underneath your socks, you have less change of getting those blisters or chafing burns.

As mentioned earlier, you can also use sock liners to regulate temperature. You can obtain special sock liners made from warm Merino wool, this provides you with the insulation you need when the weather gets significantly colder. At the same time, this kind of liner can also keep moisture away from your feet.

What Are Important Properties When I Choose Hiking Socks?

We already mentioned some of the properties you should be looking out for, this ranges from the cushioning of the socks to the fabric used to create the sock. Of course, there are some additional properties to look at.

The height of the sock - While it may seem trivial at this point, but sock height is actually quite important. If hiking socks are too low, they do not provide ample protection against the abrasions you can encounter in rougher terrain. Therefore, choose durable socks that reach just above your ankle bone.

We must mention that hiking socks are available in different heights, this goes from short socks to knee-high socks. When choosing short socks, always remember that they do not provide adequate protection on rougher terrain. However, they are a breathable option on well-kept trails.

The fit - One final thing to remember is the fit of your sock. While most socks come in a size range, it is especially important to buy good-fitting socks when you choose some socks for hiking. After all, the wrong size could actually cause abrasions and blisters. You want your socks to fit snuggly, but you do not want them to be too tight either. To ensure it all fits right, you always want to try your socks inside your hiking shoes before you go.



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