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Outdoor men appreciate the benefits of specialist apparel designed for the conditions. However, it is often the small details that make the greatest impact, such as purpose-designed men's socks. As always, the Anaconda range stands tall, with a huge range of socks for every type of activity or adventure, with the focus on quality, durability and performance.

The Anaconda men's and unisex socks range includes products from world leading manufacturers with a reputation for quality. Whether you enjoy hiking, camping, skiing, fishing, boating or trekking, we have exactly the right socks for you. Our range includes hiking socks, trekking socks, ski socks, half pipe socks, cycling socks and a whole lot more, all designed for superior comfort and performance.

Hiking socks

Specially designed hiking socks are essential for serious hikers and trekkers in Australian conditions. Mountain Designs Hiking COOLMAX Socks are a great example, engineered and manufactured for excellent performance and all-day comfort. COOLMAX blend fabric is moisture wicking and highly breathable, allowing your feet to remain cool and dry at all times. These socks include reinforced cushioning in the toe, heel, and shin, plus a double heel for long-lasting wear.

Trekking socks

Your trek will be far more pleasurable when wearing dedicated hiking socks designed for the trail. Anaconda options include Mountain Designs Unisex Trekking Plus Merino Socks that guarantee you will be stepping out in style. Merino wool blend offers excellent thermal regulation, breathability and moisture wicking properties that keep feet and ankles dry in all conditions. These socks have reinforced cushioning for foot and calf comfort, plus zoned elastic weave for non-slip wearing during long trekking days.

For additional comfort and trekking performance, take a look at Injinji Unisex Wool Liner Socks that are worn underneath your trekking socks. The five-toe design helps avoid skin-on-skin friction that can result in blisters, while also providing thermal regulation, breathability and moisture wicking properties. They are quick drying, lightweight, durable and odour-resistant.

Ski socks

Specially designed ski socks provide unbeatable protection for feet, ankles and calves. Chute Adult's Tech Ski Socks offer ergonomic fit and support and additional thickness for extreme ski and snowboard adventures. Created using a combination of wool, acrylic, polyester and elastane materials, these socks include padded shin and arch support for a snug fit, optimum comfort and all-day appeal.

Half Pipe socks

Sports socks incorporate features designed to enhance the experience. XTM Adult's Half Pipe Socks are a classic example, featuring a multi thickness knit with shin padding, right and left ergonomic fit, foot stomp channels, plus stretch and hold gussets. XTM Adult's Half Pipe Socks will take your snowboarding adventure to the next level.

Cycling socks

Every advantage counts for cycling enthusiasts, including wearing purpose-designed cycling apparel. Alpinestars Men's Summer Cycling Socks, available at Anaconda, will keep feet cool and dry during warmer weather, allowing you to push on in comfort. Made from cotton and polyamide materials, these socks are anti-bacterial and odour-resistant, with incredible moisture wicking properties. You will look cool and stay cool when wearing Alpinestars Men's Summer Cycling Socks.

Anaconda is Australia's favourite outdoor specialist for all the right reasons. We support the best brands, provide a superior online and in-store purchasing experience, and offer our famous lowest price guarantee. For more Anaconda inspiration, check out our amazing range of outdoor apparel and equipment, and get your next adventure underway.



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