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Outdoor people appreciate down time as much as anyone! So ladies, when it is time to freshen up, pull on a pair of Anaconda's comfy camping slippers!

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Packing for a camping holiday or snow adventure is an exciting time and footwear is one of the first considerations. Whether you enjoy hiking, trekking, boating, mountaineering or any outer outdoor activity, there are tailor made shoes and boots designed for making the experience more enjoyable. It's also worth remembering that there will be plenty of down time while on vacation, and casual apparel and footwear choices should also be part of the equation.

At Anaconda, we offer the widest available range of brand-name footwear for all occasions, including casual women's slippers that will warm and pamper your feet between time spent outdoors. Sheepskin boots are universally known as the most comfortable footwear on the planet, and although they aren't everyone's fashion favourite there is no denying their supreme practicality. Casual style is all the rage, and it could be time to say goodbye to blisters forever by wearing trusty and cosy sheepskin boots, slippers and fireside socks, all available at Anaconda.

Come wintertime and you will notice these boots everywhere, indoors and outside. Soft slippers are worn with skinny jeans, leggings and casual clothes for a feel good relaxation approach, and are ideal for chilly nights inside the tent or cabin. They are fast to put on and take off, and provide immediate warmth. However, these type of footwear aren't designed to get wet and shouldn't be worn during rainy weather or as an alternative to a snow boot.

You can protect your sheepskin boots by applying oil & water repellent for protection from moisture. An as-new appearance can be maintained using a special cleaning agent designed for soft leather and other fabrics. These soft boots are an iconic Australian invention worth discovering, and your feet will thank you.

Advantages of sheepskin boots

There are lots of reasons that people from all walks of life appreciate sheepskin boots. They attract all the right attention and are on trend with fashionistas and everyday Australians alike, and at Anaconda the prices are unbeatable. Here are a few advantages of sheepskin women's slippers and boots.

  • They are incredibly comfortable
  • They contain hypoallergenic and antibacterial qualities
  • They are breathable and naturally insulated
  • Your feet remain warm and dry at all times
  • They are durable and sturdy when treated with care

Cape Adult's Hutt Tall Boots: For maximum warmth without compromise, these boots are hard to beat. Whether you require boots for everyday wear, relaxation, or simply something warm to slip on while you hang out the washing, the Cape Adult's Hutt Tall Boots will fit the occasion. Natural sheepskin provides breathability and moisture wicking qualities for dispersing perspiration and odours. Quality Hutt boots shouldn't be confused with imitation brands that perform poorly and quickly wear out.

Cape Adult's Hutt Short Boots: These shorter Hutt Boots are a favourite with campers. Lightweight to pack and carry, Hutt Short Boots will repay you many times over with luxuriant fireside comfort. When hiking boots are too heavy and sandals not warm enough, turn to Cape Adult's Hutt Short Boots for the happy medium.

SOF Sole Women's Fireside Socks: Available in a range of colours and patterned with iconic winter designs, these socks are a great gift idea and travelling companion to the high country. Double layer construction, aloe infusion and moisture wicking properties ensure your feet stay warm, comfort is prioritised, and you will always look your best.

For more great women's slipper ideas, plus Australia's best range of quality footwear for women, men and kids, check out Anaconda products online or in-store.



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