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Looking for a new swimsuit? Check out Anaconda's great range of swimsuits, suitable for everything from an occasional paddle in the pool to a serious training regime and everything in-between. With so much choice in swimsuits for women of all ages, you're bound to enjoy your next swim!

Choose from one-piece swimsuits, crop sets and even long sleeved swim suits for extra protection and cover-up if required, manufactured by 37 Degrees South and Speedo, and you can confidently take the plunge next time you are at the water's edge.

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Can I buy swimsuits at Anaconda?

Yes, you can. Here at Anaconda, we have a wide selection of swimsuits available for the whole family. So whether you are planning a fun day at the beach, your little one has the first swimming lessons, or you are training for that next all-important swim meet; we have the ideal swimsuit for you. All of our performance-driven swimsuits will look and feel great by the beach or at the pool.

What are the benefits of swimming?

Swimming is great fun, and it is an important life skill that everyone should learn at some point. With its range of low-impact health benefits, it is one of the most popular ways of losing weight, improving overall fitness and improving circulation. Swimming also improves flexibility, builds bone density and can even help to reduce stress and lower depression. So dive into that pool wearing our fabulous range of swimsuits, featuring the biggest brands at great value prices.

Which swimsuit should I choose?

The type of swimsuit that you choose depends on your needs really, a fashionable suit designed for fun by the pool is not likely to be suitable for your next race. Your choice of swimwear depends on you, and Anaconda’s range of swimsuits features multiple different styles for men, women and children. There are many tips available about dressing to your body type, particularly aimed at women, but the most important thing to remember is that you should always feel comfortable. If you are worried about sun protection, however, we would recommend checking out our sun tops and rash vests. You could also consider the manner in which the colour of your swimsuit may change when it is in the water. A darker opaque fabric will not become translucent when set.

What do I need to think about when choosing a swimsuit for competitive purposes?

While there is lots of information regarding choosing a swimsuit for recreational purposes, professional swimmers and those looking for a more serious suit are more likely to have different priorities in mind when making their choice. Competitive swimsuits are made for speed, designed to be aerodynamic and should meet your individual needs, both in form and function. You should pay close attention the fabric of your swimsuit, try to find one that is chlorine resistant, as this will slow down the process of chlorine degradation.

Why should I wear a rashie or a sun top?

Overexposure to the sun’s harmful rays can lead to accelerated signs of ageing, permanent skin damage, and even skin cancer. Our range of sun tops will provide some UV protection, however, should not be used in place of sun cream. Rashies also offer sun protection, as well as working to prevent any abrasive injuries when wearing a wetsuit.

What size of swimsuit should I choose?

Sizing is particularly important, as besides being uncomfortable, loose-fitting swimsuits can tend to wear out sooner than those which are properly fitted. All of our sizes are based on standard Australian sizing but check out the sizing guides by each product for more specific measurements. The torso of a women’s swimsuit should lie perfectly flat on your body, you should be able to move comfortably, and the elastic should not be digging into your skin.

How should I wash my swimsuit?

After you have finished swimming, you should rinse your swimwear with cold fresh water as soon as possible. Chemicals such as chlorine, salt, sand, and perspiration can slowly degrade the fabric, so If you have time, leave your swimwear to sit in water for around half an hour. You should check the individual care label on each item regarding whether it is machine washable. However, it is usually recommended that you hand wash any suits that contain Lycra or spandex.

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