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At Anaconda we have a large range of bike stand, bike hanger and more available in-store and online. Visit Anaconda and grab yourself a bargain today.

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Can I purchase bike stands at Anaconda?

Yes, check the Anaconda range of bike stands for different types of stands suitable for storage, maintenance and stands that allow you to park the bike temporarily, for instance, when you are out getting some shopping or are going for a leisurely drive.

What type of storage stands are available for bikes?

Depending on the amount of storage space you have available for your bicycle, you can choose from wall-mounted bike racks or free standing bike racks here at Anaconda. Each will store one bike at a time, and the advantage of the wall-hanging bike stand is that it can be folded away when not in use, while the stand-alone stand means that you can just place your front wheel into the stand without having to lift the bike, so both have their own advantageous features.

What about when I want to do work on my bike?

Although many maintenance and cleaning jobs can be done with the bike standing against a wall or even lying on the ground, you can now avoid damage to your bike and have the bike at an optimum working height by using the folding work stand available from Anaconda. Some of the key features of this stand are:

1. Adjustable height - 108cm to 190cm

2. Fold away base for easy storage

3. Adjustable rotating clamp head allows for ultimate access to the bike

4. Clamp fits all standard frame designs

5. Soft clamp head prevents damage to bike paint

6. Magnetic tool tray

7. Adjustable handle bar lock

8. Maximum load 30kg

What exactly is the Disc Alloy Bike Stand in the range?

This is an adjustable bike stand that will fit most road and mountain bikes and allow you to stand the bike up when it is not in use. The bike stand will simply fold out of the way with a single foot movement, so you can take off immediately when needed. Simple to fit and adjustable for several heights, this is a handy accessory to have when there are no bike stands available to park your bike in.

Does Anaconda stock other bike essentials too?

Yes, here at Anaconda you can find everything you need from the bikes themselves to all products needed for the cleaning, maintenance, storage, repair and transport of bikes, as well as safety items including helmets, lights, bells and locks. In addition, you can find cycling clothes, shoes and socks at Anaconda and other biking essentials such as hydration packs, bicycle computers and many others. So browse the whole cycling range today and make sure you have everything you need for your next cycling adventure.



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