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Most people experience the benefits of air compressors from a young age. Whether it is bicycles, footballs, trail bikes or rafts, compressed air is needed to achieve recommended pounds per square inch (PSI) standards for safety and fun. Air compressors are used by tradies to perform numerous tasks, while portable compressors are an essential feature of 4WD equipment for off road adventures.

Compressed air is air that is kept under greater pressure than atmospheric pressure. It is used for transfer of energy in major industrial processes and also for sensitive braking in modern motor vehicles. Compressed air apparatus performs essential functions under water for divers, on land for firefighters, underground for mine rescue personnel and in the air to combat hazardous atmospheres. It’s no surprise Anaconda has the best portable compressors for 4WD, camping and outdoor enthusiasts.

What is an air compressor used for?

Anaconda specialises in the best camping, hiking and outdoors equipment, with our quality portable air compressors favoured by 4WD enthusiasts and off road adventurers. However, air compressors perform a huge range of functions. They can be portable or fixed, operated by electricity, battery or fuel, and some are incredibly powerful. Here are just a few air compressor uses in today’s world.

  • Pneumatic systems and components
  • Railway and vehicle braking systems
  • Sandblasting and injection moulding
  • Food storage, preservation and fermentation
  • Air tools including nail guns, jackhammers and paint sprayers

Compressed air is utilised for purposes as diverse as erection of large inflatable structures, operating a roller coaster or performing a delicate operation with a dental drill. For all off-road camping adventures, the air compressors available at Anaconda tick all the right boxes.

How to choose the right air compressor?

An air compressor should be one of the first items packed or mounted in your 4WD. Unfortunately, many off-road travellers head off without any form of tyre inflation equipment – a recipe for disaster if you suffer more than one puncture. Experienced off roaders realise that air compressors are used for more than repair jobs and can adapt 4WD tyre pressure to suit prevailing conditions.

Re-inflating tyres is easy with a compressor, and you will be cruising along smoothly while inexperienced drivers who don’t adapt risk damaging tyre casings or suffering a serious blowout. For quality air compressors at cheap air compressor prices, Anaconda can’t be matched, so here are some Projecta 12V air compressors available.

Tornado Air Compressor 25 LPM

Compact and easy to store, this air compressor is the convenient solution for filling tyres, balls, camping mattresses and bikes. The Tornado Air Compressor features a powerful 180W motor, 25 litres per minute (LPM) output, and quality brass fittings for long-lasting performance. Easy connection via insulated battery clips and a 4 metre lead, your Tornado compressor is conveniently set up and ready for action.

Cyclone Air Compressor 37 LPM

Reliability and performance are major criteria for portable air compressors. The Cyclone Air Compressor offers strong 37 LPM output using an in-line pressure gauge, magnet motor, brass valves and sealed bearings. All metal construction and a 6 metre coiled hose seal the deal, and it’s no surprise the Cyclone Air Compressor is an Anaconda favourite.

Storm Air Compressor 72 LPM

It’s all about choices with Anaconda, and Projecta have the air compressor choices campers and 4WD off roaders are looking for. This powerful compressor boasts a 400W motor for inflating large tyres quickly, plus special insulation features for working harder and longer in hot Australian conditions. A heavy duty storage case is included so you can take your compressor with you wherever you are heading in the great outdoors.

Typhoon Air Compressor 150 LPM

You won’t be stranded with your 4WD, trailer, caravan or boat trailer with a Typhoon Air Compressor by your side. The 600 watt motor pushes out 150 LPM, so you can get back on the road faster, without worries. The battery connection is directed by an on/off switch so you can easily control air flow, while the long 1.8 metre leads allows you to reach all vehicle tyres without needing to disconnect the compressor.

It’s pretty easy to get excited with Anaconda. Air compressors are just one of our camping, hiking and 4WD product lines, and we have top quality gear and accessories for every type of outdoor person. Your air compressor will give you peace of mind and keep the show on the road, and the rest is up to you. Whether you are planning a short trip for camping under the stars, or an extended 4WD adventure around remote Australia, Anaconda can get you kitted out and ready to go in style. 

What are some other methods using an air compressor?

This should be determined by your intended use for the air compressor. They have numerous industrial and workplace applications and are an essential handyman’s assistant. Air compressors are useful around the home, on the job and on the road, and here are a few ways they make a difference in the modern world.

  1. Inflating Tyres: Your air gas compressor can inflate tyres for cars, trucks, motorbikes, motorhomes and all terrain vehicles. Safety is the highest priority while on the road and inflating tyres to the correct PSI is the first step.
  2. Pneumatic Tools: If you are a DIY type person, an air compressor is an unmatched time-saving piece of equipment. Nailing and stapling couldn’t be easier, so if you are planning on building a complex home extension, or a simple escape-proof chicken coop, your air compressor will easily handle the workload.
  3. Spray Painting: As any all-round handyperson knows, you can affix a spray painting gun to your air compressor. The attachments are easy to assemble and clean, and there is no comparison to a spray painted finish. There are guidelines and methods to follow, but you will soon master the ability to form a smooth, drip-free coat on almost any surface.
  4. Cleaning Solutions: Compressed air is a great cleaning assistant when used properly, although it should never be pointed at people, clothing or skin. However, if you have a sand blasting job, or manual cleaning methods have failed, compressed air will blow away the obstacles. Always aim the nossle away from yourself and others, and make sure to wear protective goggles and clothing. Try lower compressed air settings first while you become accustomed with the process.
  5. Orchard Production: Owners of farms, acreages and small holdings put in a lot of effort to keep the property in ship-shape. Orchardists feed and fertilise trees for good health and fruiting using compressors attached to spray equipment. Air compressors help with the harvest and make property maintenance a breeze.
  6. Water and Septic: Your air compressor can be used to clean pipes and fittings to ensure clean water flow. It can also be used to power a water pump so you can keep your farm functioning and stock fed. On the other hand, it could fill up the bathtub for a warm soak and expansive outdoor views.

 What are some tips for using an air compressor?

Quality 4WD, outdoor and camping equipment lasts for years and deserves the best possible treatment. Check out the storage solutions available at Anaconda. In addition, there are many types of air compressors, and product instructions should be followed in every case. Here are some more tips for using an air compressor.

  • Read the owner’s manual and learn as much as possible about your new machine.
  • Make sure your compressor is off-limits for children and toddlers.
  • Never use compressed air to clean clothing, skin or animals.
  • Use outdoors or indoors only as directed according to manufacturer’s instructions.
  • Store your compressor in a stowable bag or compartment for easy access.
  • Use your compressor with the correct voltage at all times.
  • Wear safety goggles and equipment whenever required.
  • Use your air compressor as directed and for its intended purpose only.

Many air compressor parts and accessories are available directly from Anaconda, and you can purchase online or visit us in-store. We are Australia’s favourite camping and outdoor specialists for all the right reasons, and if there is a specialist piece of equipment you need, we probably have it in stock. Explore the wide range of Anaconda products and innovations for unlimited camping, hiking and 4WD inspiration.



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