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Whether you're going for a picnic, long trek, or family camping holiday, be sure to bring along some of Anaconda's camping dinner cutlery sets or tableware!

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You can find everything you need for your alfresco dining experiences with Anaconda's huge range of camping tableware. Whether you're setting off for a family camping adventure, a multi-day hike or even a picnic at the local park, Anaconda has practical and durably designed camp tableware to fit any outdoor requirement. Camp tableware is specifically designed for tough love, camp kitchen style. Camp tableware, camping cutlery sets and camping cups and mugs are manufactured with long-lasting stainless steel, melamine, polycarbonate and other weather-resistant, hard-wearing materials.

What Is Included In Anaconda's Camp Tableware Range?

  • Camping Dinnerware & Sets: Discover complete dinner sets that are perfect for families, constructed from sturdy yet lightweight materials which make them easy to transport.
  • Camping Cups & Mugs: Explore a range of drinking vessels, including insulated mugs, enamel camping mugs, stackable tumblers, collapsible silicone cups and more. You can even find wine glasses made from sturdy BPA-free Tritan plastic to add a touch of occasion to your adventure!
  • Camping Cutlery: You can find sporks, multi-tool utensils, knife sets, family cutlery sets in our range. Whether you're setting up a dining space at base camp or need a portable, multipurpose utensil, Anaconda has your needs covered.
  • Insulated Flasks & Mugs: Whether you favour a hot cuppa or a cool refreshing drink, keep your favourite beverages at optimal drinking temperature with our range of insulated mugs and flasks.
  • Picnicware: Discover picnic blankets and picnic sets contained in backpacks or baskets - the perfect way to find everything you need for an outdoor meal!
  • Food Storage: Keep packed lunches, leftovers and ingredients safe with our range of food storage containers.

Camping Tableware FAQs

How do I pack and store my camping tableware?

If you're setting up camp for an extended stay, opt for a camping kitchen or one of Anaconda's portable cupboards to store your camping cutlery, camping plates and camping mugs. For shorter stays or if you're off on a hike, choose a compact camping dinnerware set that comes with an included mesh bag. These usually contain all the essential camping crockery and cutlery you will need. Another great option when space is at a premium are collapsible silicone plates, bowls and mugs, which come with their own zip up bag to keep everything neat and clean during transit.

Enamel, melamine or silicone: what's the best camping tableware material?

One of the most common materials associated with camping plates and mugs is enamel. It's durable, easy to clean, heat resistant and scratch resistant. Melamine is another common option, used to make camping tumblers and plates. Melamine is a temperature resistant, durable and lightweight plastic - ideal if you're backpacking or hiking. Finally, silicone camping tableware is a fabulous option when you need to save on space, as it's flexible and easy to store.

What are the essential camping tableware items I should take on my trip?

A plate, mug and cutlery are the bare minimum you'll want to take on your camping adventure. Save on storage by choosing multi tool cutlery like a spork, and opt for a camping plate with deep sides if you're not taking a bowl. Many camping tableware items are multifunctional or dual purpose, so all your dining necessities are covered with minimal items in your luggage.


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