Camping Equipment

Whether you go camping or hiking, you always need to be prepared. Fortunately, you can always count on Anaconda to provide you with the essentials you need. From jerry cans to tent repair kits, grab your essentials today and go camping with peace of mind.

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Aanconda's range of camping equipment means that you'll be prepared for any situation or activity. Whether you're looking for binoculars, hunting knives, fishing knives, multi tools, whistles, shovels, tow bar accessories, kids adventure toys or repair tools, we have any and every accessory you could ever need here at Anaconda. Discover a huge selection of gear that's designed to offer safety, security, entertainment and comfort with camping equipment from Anaconda.

What Camping Equipment Can I Find In Anaconda's Range?

  • Metal Detectors & Prospecting: Discover everything you need to unearth hidden treasures with prospecting gear and metal detectors.
  • Travel Accessories: Add a little comfort to your adventure with practical accessories like microfibre towels, toiletry bags and travel pillows.
  • Camping Knives & Tools: Be ready for anything with practical knives and multi tools.
  • Games & Entertainment: Keep the whole campsite entertained with playing cards, trivia games, 4 In A Row and more! Perfect old-fashioned fun for any age!
  • Walking Poles: Get the support you need on your hikes with walking poles. Designed to help you traverse any terrain, hiking poles are an essential item for any keen trekker.
  • Binoculars: Explore a range of binoculars to enhance your vision on your next camping trip - perfect for quietly watching nature or observing the stars at night.
  • Locks & Security: Ensure your backpacks and gear are secure at all times with Anconda's selection of padlocks, combination locks and security cables.

Camping Equipment & Tools FAQs

Why take binoculars on my camping trip?

Anaconda's range of hiking binoculars feature exceptional magnifications and wide fields of view, making them perfect for stargazing, nature watching or scoping out potential hazards. You can find models with infra-red night vision as well, making them a practical addition to your camping gear. Have peace of mind with a pair of binoculars to hand!

Why do I need a camping knife?

Also referred to as a survival knife, camping knives can be used for a multitude of functions and can be one of the most useful tools you have when you venture into the outdoors. A survival knife is useful for the following functions:

  • As a hammering, splitting or prying tool
  • Make-shift screwdriver
  • Food preparation
  • Building shelters
  • Digging
  • Making fires
  • Signalling

Multi tools are also a great option to keep handy, offering many of the same functions as a camping knife, if not more!

What other equipment do I need for camping?

Aside from the absolute essentials like sleeping gear, tents, camp food and hydration gear, you'll also need to think practically about covering yourself for any contingencies. Think health & safety like a first aid kit, sunscreen, insect repellent as well as lighting such as lanterns, headlamps or torches. Consider taking a camping knife, binoculars, locks to secure your gear (especially in shared campsites) and walking poles if you're planning on going on hikes.


When it comes to preparing the final essential items for your outdoor adventure, Anaconda has everything you need in our range of camping equipment. Our extensive camping & hiking range has all the necessities for a comfortable trip like camp furniture, camping toilets & showers, portable power & solar generators and much, much more! Shop the range online where you can choose from home delivery or click & collect for your order. Alternatively pop into your local Anaconda store where our friendly team can help you find everything you need to set yourself up for exploring the great outdoors.



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