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If surf or beach fishing is your passion, check out the specialist range of surf combos at Anaconda. Discover our collection of fishing equipment now!

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Can I purchase surf combos at Anaconda?

Yes, you can. The idea behind Surf casting is to cast the bait or lure as far out into the ocean as possible. With a choice of reel and rod combinations here at Anaconda, you'll be able to find the perfect surf combo from leading brands such as Shakespeare, Abu Garcia and others. Rods come in a great range of lengths to suit different locations.

Surf fishing is a method of catching fishing by wading in the surf or standing on the shoreline Both live bait and artificial lures are used by surf fishermen and most of surf fishing is done in saltwater. Surf fishermen need to be very careful of waves and undertows, so make sure you are aware of the prevailing currents at your chosen location.

Some surf fishing tips and tricks:

Check out your fishing location - Proper reconnaissance is a fantastic way to improve your success when surf fishing. Use low tide to check out your fishing area for dips, hollows, sandbanks, and other structures to get an idea where fish might be feeding or hiding when the tide comes back in. Don't forget to ask any of the locals and your friendly bait/tackle shop employee on some of the best places to fish.

Best Surfing Fishing Live Bait - There are several types of live bait that are successful when surf angling and it will also depend on what you're trying to catch. Some of the most successful live baits are mole crabs, squid, sandworms, rag or bloodworms, shrimp, mullet and hard/soft shell crab. Ask your local bait/tackle shop employee on some of the best live baits to use in the area where you are planning to go fishing, as they will usually be happy to share their secrets.

Fish at high tide - The best time to go surf fishing is during high tides because this is when all the fish come in to feed, especially if high tide happens to coincide with dawn or dusk. However, please take care when surf fishing at those times, as it may be harder to see people swimming and/or objects on the beach.

A closer look at Shakespeare Vigilante combos:

The new Vigilante range of combos delivers Shakespeare quality and incredible value for money.

The Vigilante range covers a host of fishing situations that Aussie fishermen encounter across the country. They incorporate general light lure and bait fishing outfits, medium general-purpose outfits, beach and rock outfits and a general-purpose boat outfit.

All models feature:

  • a reliable 1 ball bearing spin reel
  • heavy duty bail wire
  • brass pinion gear
  • spooled with line
  • a two-piece rod for easy storage
  • EVA grips & ceramic guides

Perfect actions developed for Australian fishing situations.

Take a look at the whole range of fishing gear available from Anaconda to find other great offers and products for all your fishing needs.



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