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Why do I need a tackle tray?

Fish are cunning creatures that can be lured in numerous ways. Each fish species can be targeted with fishing rod, fishing reel, bait and tackle combinations that maximise the chances of angling success. Experienced anglers carry a diverse collection of terminal tackle hard lures, soft lures, hooks, sinkers, swivels and more, with favourite fishing tackle conveniently stored in tackle trays or tackle boxes.

Fishing at dawn, dusk or night-time is easy with appropriate illumination and handily stored fishing tackle. By carrying a compartmented tackle tray, you won't get caught out wasting time and searching for important equipment when the fish are biting. Anaconda has an unbeatable range of fishing tackle for every type of angler, plus tackle trays, tackle boxes and other storage solutions for boating, the beach, or fishing by the riverbank.

What should I store in a tackle tray?

Tackle trays and tackle boxes at Anaconda are available in various sizes and a range of configurations for storing all your favourite fishing tackle. Here are 8 major items available at Anaconda worth carrying on any fishing expedition.

Extra fishing line: If you are a beginner to fishing, there will be times when the legendary monster fish takes your bait and breaks your line. With backup fishing line, the next big one won't get away so easily.

Extra hooks: You are bound to lose some hooks while fishing. Make sure to carry different style hooks in various sizes so you can get amongst the action with the right fishing tackle on your side.

Fishing floats: Floats, or bobbers, carry out dual functions. A float will be pulled under the surface when a fish bites, giving you a visual fishing clue. A float also allows your fishing line and bait to sink and move in a natural baitfish manner, attracting more fish to bite.

Sinkers: A fishing line, hook and worm won't sink properly without additional weight. Sinkers provide the right weight in sync with your other fishing tackle, so carry sinkers of various weights for use in wide-ranging water conditions.

Lures: Live bait and other organic baits will never be fully replaced, but fishing lures can add to your fishing arsenal. Professional and amateur anglers all vouch for hard-body and soft-body fishing lures that are known to catch more of their target species.

Needle-nose pliers: These pointy nosed pliers are the ideal tool for removing hooks from fish. They are also strong enough to perform minor adjustments on hooks, swivels and other fishing equipment, while the blade surface is ideal for cutting fishing line.

First Aid Kit: You should carry a small first aid kit on all outdoor adventures, and fishing is no exception. There is always an element of danger when fishing from a boat or fishing from shore, and being prepared for appropriate first aid response is half the battle won. Remember to carry sunblock and insect repellent in your tackle tray or fishing bag.

Why shop for tackle trays at Anaconda?

For starters, Anaconda is Australia's favourite outdoor and adventure retailer, with a nation-wide network of retail outlets and a bigger product range than anyone else. We also offer an unbeatable online service and prices that can't be matched. When purchasing your ideal tackle tray at Anaconda, take time to explore more from our incredible range of fishing rods, fishing reels and fishing tackle.

At Anaconda, we partner with major brands such as Shimano, Penn, Daiwa and Jarvis Walker to bring you highest quality fishing products for the lowest available price. Whether you are searching for your first rod & reel combo with tackle tray, or you need highest quality fishing equipment from the world's leading fishing brands, look no further than Anaconda.



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