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Discover The Incredible Range Of Camping Gadgets & Electronics At Anaconda

Whether you are searching for the latest GPSs, action cams, waterproof phone cases, Bluetooth speakers and subwoofers or more, Anaconda offers an exciting range of outdoor and camping electronics and gadgets that are suitable for outdoor enthusiasts and adventurers. Our range also includes outdoor-oriented smartwatches and fitness trackers designed for tracking activities such as hiking, biking or running.

We have the latest camping gadgets and electronics from some of the biggest names in the industry such as Insta360, DJI and Minelab. You will find GPS devices and navigation tools that are designed to help you track your location, plan routes and ensure you don't get lost in the wilderness, rugged and waterproof Bluetooth speakers for cranking the tunes, drones for taking breathtaking aerial shots and so much more. Shop the entire range of camping gadgets and electronics at Anaconda online or in-store today!

Camping Gadgets FAQs

Do you need a GPS for camping?

Yes, you need a GPS for camping. This is because a handheld GPS will give you the most accurate readings of your surroundings and where you are as opposed to using traditional methods for determining your location such as a map. This is especially necessary when camping in remote locations in the harsh Australian wilderness.

What is an action cam?

An action camera (also known as an action cam) is a rugged, waterproof and small digital camera that is specially designed for capturing immersive action shots that normally can't be recorded on other types of devices. Action cameras provide the most immersive way to experience your recordings in a way that smartphones or traditional cameras just can't match.

Do you need a global satellite communicator?

Yes, you will need a global satellite communicator when hiking, camping or trekking in remote areas of the Australian outback. This is because they offer the ability to receive and send detailed emergency messages and share your location with the relevant authorities and your loved ones should the worst-case scenario happen.

Can GPS be used without the internet?

Yes, a GPS can be used without the internet. This is a massive benefit when hiking, trekking or camping in the remote or rural areas of the Australian outback where getting lost can be very easy. But remember to always download the relevant maps of where you are travelling to before heading out without internet access.

Shop The Amazing Range Of Camping Gadgets & Electronics Online Or In-Store At Anaconda

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