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Anaconda has a tasty selection of dehydrated meals for your mountain biking, hiking or kayaking trips. Check out our nutritious camping food range at Anaconda.

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What is included in the Anaconda Camp Food range?

Here you'll find everything from a quick energy boost to whole meals, specially designed for trekkers, hikers or campers. When you are on the move, it is important that food is nutritious, easy to prepare and does not take up too much space or weight, but you still want taste and variety, so you'll be delighted with the many options available here at Anaconda.

What types of meals are included in the Camp Food range?

You can choose from breakfast, lunch and dinner options, with several hot and cold meals on offer in a variety of styles. Enjoy porridge or yoghurt and muesli or a full cooked breakfast in the morning, have tasty soup or pasta for lunch, and dine in style with a variety of roast dinners, hot pots, stir-fries and more, topped off with desserts. Simple fruit snacks and smoothies can be rehydrated for quick stops in-between meals. The range includes some gluten-free options and several vegetarian meals.

What is the flameless heater pack in the Camp Food range?

The flameless heater pack will allow you to enjoy a hot meal without the hassle of burners or billies. You simply place your favourite Back Country Cuisine meal pouch, prepared with cold water, between the inner bags of the heater pack. You add 50ml of water to the heater pack to activate the heating process, fold down and secure top with clip provided, sit back and relax for about 20 minutes and then enjoy a piping hot meal. Heats two single serves or one double serve Back Country Cuisine meal pouch. Can be used in total fire ban areas where exposed flame of any kind can pose risk. Bushfire safe, and only requires water, and a spoon!

How can I make sure my camp food stays hot?

In the Camp Food range you'll find a handy thermal pouch. The thermal pouch is the perfect winter hiking companion to keep your Back Country meals piping hot. Place your meal pouch, prepared with hot water, inside thermal Pouch to ensure you retain maximum heat during the rehydration process, with the heat continuing through to your very last bite. The thermal pouch comes with a Sea to Summit Alphalight long handled spoon. Just sit back and enjoy your hot meal, no matter what the outside temperature.

Does Anaconda stock any other food products?

Yes, you can check out the Cycling Nutrition range for a number of energy bars, cookies and drinks that are ideal for cycling trips but can also be perfect companions when trekking, walking, or hiking. Small bags of sweets, for a quick sugar boost during your journey, are also included.



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