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Back Country Cuisine is fast, nourishing food for adventurers. Back Country Cuisine is great for all your outdoor adventures including mountain biking, hiking, hunting and fishing, yachting and adventure racing and expeditions. Simply add hot or cold water to the range of meals, desserts, snacks and complete ration packs for a delicious meal. Here at Anaconda, check out the extensive range of breakfasts, lunches and dinners as well as soups, smoothies, desserts and snacks. The range of meals includes vegetarian and gluten-free options too. Take some along on your next adventure and never go hungry!.

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Southland NZ is a gourmet food box where first-class vegetables, fruit and dairy products are produced. Back Country combines quality freeze-dried vegetables and meats with delicious sauces and flavours for a great taste and jam-packed goodness. Reduce the weight of your backpack by preparing meals inside the freeze-dry pack. All that's required is the addition of a little water and within 10 minutes the piping hot and nutritious meal can be served.

The freeze-dried process: The Back Country freeze drying process results in a completely dry product that won't shrink. Water is evaporated in a vacuum chamber, locking in goodness for long-lasting freshness. When the meal is rehydrated water is quickly absorbed, allowing ingredients to return to their natural juicy and tender state.

After packing, the foods are heat-sealed with all air removed. The food remains flavoursome and safe to eat for at least three years. All Back Country freeze-dried meals are formulated to meet high-energy dietary requirements. This includes the right balance of carbohydrates, protein and sugars for instant energy and nutritional replenishment. There are a lot of benefits with Back Country freeze-dried meals.

  • Moisture is removed from foodstuffs, making Back Country Cuisine light to carry.
  • Low processing temperature enables the food to retain natural minerals.
  • Freeze-dried meals meet the high energy needs of outdoor enthusiasts.
  • Freeze-dried meals have a long shelf life, making them ideal for hikers and campers.

Back Country Cuisine includes innovative packaging consisting of an outer foil pouch and 2 inner plastic heat pads. When water is added, the heat bag forms an electrolyte solution with heating properties. The product is safe to use, doesn't generate a flame, and won't cause ignition.

Anaconda is a proud partner of Back Country initiatives aimed to encourage outdoor adventures. Back Country Cuisine includes a wide range of vegetarian and gluten-free options, allowing everyone to select their ideal range of freeze-dried meals. Examples include:

Honey Soy Chicken: This delicious meal contains no gluten, and is bolstered by the addition of rice, carrots, courgettes, red pepper and peas. Whether you are on the road, on the trail, or on the water, satisfying nourishment is only 10 minutes away with Back Country.

Cooked Breakfast: It's no secret that people get very hungry in the great outdoors, and a hearty cooked breakfast is the answer. This meal pack includes hash brown potato, haricot beans, egg omelette, beef, sauce, herbs, spices and more for an energy packed start to the day.

Three Fruits Cheesecake: With quality freeze-dried meals on-board there is no excuse for skipping dessert. The Three Fruits Cheesecake is a winner with families and kids who want to experience outdoor Australia without sacrificing simple pleasures. Fast to rehydrate and serving 2 people, this cheesecake is designed to be shared and enjoyed.

Instant Rice: Great for bulking up meals, Back Country Instant Rice is a smart addition. Highly nutritious rice is simple to prepare using the specially designed heat pack. Save time on washing up and kitchen chores while camping with Back Country.

Back Country freeze-dried meals are an essential item for lightweight trekkers who require plenty of sustenance. Check out the full range of meals available from Anaconda, and never go hungry while camping again.



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