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Anaconda is proud to partner with prestigious outdoor and activewear brands, and Body Glove is the perfect fit for our collection. Body Glove is a well-known surf and swimwear brand for people of all ages, with high quality boardshorts, bikini tops, bikini bottoms, wetsuits, rashguard t-shirts and other water sports apparel always in demand. Body Glove is an all-seasons apparel brand, so if you need a warm hoodie to cover-up in winter or surf accessories for enjoying the Australian summer, look no further than the Body Glove collection available at Anaconda.


Body Glove steamers and rash vests are extremely popular. The company is now also well known for producing great diving gear, boards, water shoes, swimwear, one piece swimsuits, scuba diving apparel and more. The Body Glove collection includes long sleeve and short sleeve tops, life vests and even tailor-made f-cup bikini tops for women. Body Glove products include Body Glove kid's gear, Body Glove women's clothing and Body Glove menswear, so you can fit the entire family out in style. Anaconda supports name brand companies with a focus on excellence, and the success of Body Glove is due to quality workmanship, materials and techniques that can't be matched. Backed by years of experience and manufacturing excellence, Body Glove products are worth serious consideration.


This will depend on your chosen activity. Body Glove surf gear includes gear for surfers, bodyboard riders, scuba divers and snorkelers. At Anaconda, we showcase Body Glove springsuits, neoprene wetsuits, life vests and full length steamer suits designed for ultimate comfort and protection. Many of our major surf beaches and secret breaks are in southern Australian waters, and the waves can peak in winter-time. Body Glove makes the transition easy by creating wetsuits that are fast to put on and remove, yet fit like a glove for comfort and warmth when you need it most.

Features include short-zip entry, interior smooth skin neck with blunt cut collar, non-chafe seams and the special Magna Flex exterior. Body Glove offers a great range of water-wear for transitioning through the Australian seasons, including rash guard tops made from polyester and spandex with non-chafe flatlock stitching. UV protection is always a bonus, and the amazing Body Glove apparel is available from Anaconda at unbeatable prices.

Snorkel, fin and goggle combos make sense, particularly when the products are suitable for anyone from absolute beginner snorkelers to free-divers exploring the depths. The masks are snug-fitting and comfortable, and the fins fit like a glove for maximum propulsion. Alternatively, choose individual Body Glove goggles, snorkels and fins to suit your personal taste and style.

Getting in and out of the water is half the fun, and there is a lot to do along the coastline. Body Glove is a top line manufacturer of Booties and Aqua Socks that make the transition safe. Whether you are keeping a firm grip at the helm of a vessel, diving, exploring the rocky headland, or simply hanging out at the jetty, aqua socks will make sure your feet are protected. The stylish design of Adult Aqua Socks available from Anaconda make them immediately desirable, and when Anaconda prices are thrown into the equation, great deals are a certainty.

Water apparel is a Body Glove speciality, and they are also known for making great body boards. Body Glove products are made from first class materials and available at amazing prices. Body Glove boards are high-volume, providing extra flotation and a more stable ride. The dynamic contoured shape includes an EPS core and XPE top skin for impressive buoyancy. A Body Glove body board provides the buzz lots of people are looking for, and it's all available at Anaconda.

Additional Body Glove apparel includes swimsuits, boardshorts, hats, and even a 37" wooden skimboard with full colour printed graphic. Good times by the ocean is the mood that Body Glove was established upon when Bill and Bob Meistrell moved from Boonville, Missouri to Manhattan Beach in 1944. Times have changed and equipment evolved, but Body Glove remains true to its ideals, working with world leading manufacturers and sponsoring elite-level athletes who support genuine water-wear.


The partnership between Anaconda and Body Glove is natural, as we both focus on getting the best from outdoor experiences. With the best apparel and equipment on your side, anything is possible, and the opportunity to excel is more readily available than ever before. Whether you prefer to shop online or in-store, Anaconda has what you need for the lowest possible price. We offer a lowest price guarantee, fast shipping, product tracking and a returns and exchanges policy in accord with Australian consumer law. You are covered every step of the way with Anaconda, and with Body Glove you can be covered from head to toe.



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