Five Summer Essentials For Hitting The Beach

Five Summer Essentials For Hitting The Beach

Picture this: a bright sun in a blue sky, the feel of sand between your fingers and toes, and a refreshing dive into the waves when the temperature rises. Lazing away long summer days at the beach is a distinctly Australian way of spending the warmer months.

The beach is even better when you're equipped with the right accessories to make everything more comfortable for you and your family. Here are five essentials that will help you get the most out of your day in the sun.

Beach Shelters

We all know the risks associated with prolonged sun exposure. Investing in a beach shelter is a great way to not only stay sun-smart but also keep cool and comfortable, with that little extra privacy.

Whether you go for a shade or shelter, look for designs that not only suit you and your family's beach lifestyle but are easy to set up and take down, and neatly pack away for space-saving storage when transporting in the car or when stowed away over winter.

Some shelters feature convenient 'possession' pockets for storing valuables when you're out enjoying the surf, and mesh zipper windows for even better ventilation when you want to take advantage of a refreshing seaside breeze.

Sand pockets ensure that your shelter stays weighted down, without having to drag weighting mechanisms along with you, and the polyester 50+ UPF rating provides excellent protection for you and the family against the sun's harmful rays.

Consider a beach shelter that little bit of indoor protection for your outdoor lifestyle.


Staying properly hydrated is an important part of enjoying a day at the beach, especially on hot days. Portable coolers keep your drinks cool and guarantee your sandwiches, salads, fruit and other nibbles stay fresh no matter what the conditions.

Utilising modern technology and clever design principles, you can choose from a range of chillers that feature a host of innovations: leak-proof lining, anti-microbial protection, zipper compartments for keeping valuables away from prying eyes, shoulder straps and wheels to take the load, and high performance polyurethane foam insulation capable of maintaining ice for up to three days. There are handy accessories, like gel packs and chill bricks, too.

From portable soft-shell chillers for one or two people through to iconic Eskys and 80-plus litre iceboxes for the entire crew, the study construction, easy storage and portability of these coolers makes them an essential part of your day at the beach.

Equp Yourself With The Right Accessories At The Beach

Beach Chairs

Sitting and playing on the sand is one of the great sensory experiences of a day at the beach - but considerably less enjoyable if the sands goes where it shouldn't be! Your beach experience will be noticeably improved if you have a purpose-designed, durable beach chair to nestle your rear end.

The Anaconda range of beach chairs features UV protection, padding for additional posture support and are constructed from high quality polyester and steel. As well as being practical and comfortable, they fold away neatly, making them easy to carry and easy to store when not in use.

Take it from us: Beach chairs are a summer essential and a great way to soak up the sun in comfort. You won't want to go home.

Sun Shades

Like beach shelters, sun shades and gazebos are a necessity when it comes to protecting you from prolonged exposure to the harsh summer sun - and even UVB rays in overcast conditions - while giving you and your family or group of friends some privacy.

4WD awnings are also great for shade if you're a fan of beachside camping or caravanning. Easy set-up and take-down are features of many popular gazebos. Utilising the latest technologies and materials, most gazebos and awnings fold way for convenient storage and are very easy to maintain.

Summer Essentials For The Beach

We Love Summer Beach Wagon

So, you have all of your summer essentials packed - but how do you get them beachside without exhausting yourself? Easy! The We Love Summer beach wagon saves you and other members of the family the hard yards of transporting your goodies from the car or campsite.

This simple beach cart boasts a tough steel frame and PVC wheels that roll easily over the sand while comfortably carrying up to 100kg. Not only does it save you return trips from the car to the beachfront but it comes into its own at the end of the day when everyone's energy levels are lagging and it's time to pack up and head home.

The beach wagon collapses flat for convenient storage and, given how handy it is at the beach, it can also be put to good use around the garden or your campsite, which means great value for money all year 'round.

Any other summer essentials?

Don't forget sunscreen, insect repellent, hats and other items of clothing with good UPF ratings - and you're set for a whole lot of fun in the sun!




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